Bathrooms Updated, A Big Girl Bed, & other Friday Favorites

Heyyy friends. Happy FRIYAY! It’s been quite busy around here, so let’s chat about some of those favorites, shall we? {linking up with Katie & Heather} Bathrooms Updated, A Big Girl Bed, & other Friday Favorites Updating two bathrooms with a bit of decor. Our main floor bathroom and basement bathroom needed a bit of […]

Friday Favorites {10/23/15}

Happy FRIYAY! It’s time to chat about what I’ve been loving this week, and for you to join in in the comments. {linking up with Katie & Heather} Friday Favorites {10/23/15} Enjoying a cookout with friends in the mountains. I love, love being in the mountains, and I love to eat, be with my little […]

How I Teach Fitness Classes with a Newborn at Home

Hey friends–how’s it going this week? As I was nursing my baby (who is 2 months old TODAY!) after teaching a fitness class the other day, I thought about all the things I do to make this happen…. So I thought I’d share it in a post so you can see our crazy in full force. […]

Friday Favorites {10/2/15}

Hiiii! Happy FriYAY & happy October! How September is gone is seriously a mystery to me……which is weird because I was awake for most of that month. 😉 haha Let’s get right to chatting about the favorites of the week! {linking up with Katie & Heather} Friday Favorites {10/2/15} Fabletics September line I was sent […]

Weekend Highlights + Hospital Bag

Hi everyone! Yep, I’m still very pregnant. I knew that would probably be your first question of the week, so I figured I’d might as well answer that one. 😉 We had a great, busy, & wonderful weekend packed with family, friends, fun, & relaxation, so we definitely used our time before baby wisely. Weekend Highlights […]

Friday Favorites {8/14/15}

Hi everyone, happy Friday!! It’s time for some Friday favorites action–the part of the week where I share what I’ve loved about the week/what my faves are. Please play along & share yours in the comments! {linking up with Katie & Heather} Friday Favorites {8/14/15} Spending time in the mountains. Over the last few weeks I’ve […]

Workout Modifications I Made While Pregnant

I had a request to share what workout modifications I made whilst pregnant this time around, so here it is below! *Note: My doctor fully supported & encouraged my continued fitness instructing. Everyone is different, so please check with your doc if you’re pregnant & considering workouts & workout modifications. Workout Modifications I Made While […]

Weekend Highlights {7/20/15}

Hey everyone, happy Monday! Weekend Highlights {7/20/15} Friday after teaching Zumba we ran a few errands and then while Lily napped I lazed about. I finally got my butt in gear and prepped a few things for a dinner party we were having that evening. We had friends over Friday night for dinner and it […]

Friday Favorites {7/17/15}

Oh heyyyyyy Friday! It’s time to chat about all my favorites from the week. Please join in in the comments–it always makes me smile to hear what has made your week happy. {linking up with Katie & Heather} Friday Favorites {7/17/15} A new Fabletics outfit. I received an outfit this week that I immediately had […]

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