Fabletics Yukon Dress, Cavities, HIIT & other Friday Favorites

Hi everyone, happy FRIYAY! Let’s chat about some faves of mine from the week, shall we? Add yours in the comments! {linking up with just Katie today; be sure to give Heather a virtual hug right now <3} Fabletics Yukon Dress, Cavities, HIIT & other Friday Favorites Fabletics Yukon Dress I have been wearing the Yukon dress […]

New Year’s Weekend Highlights!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you’ve slid into the new year with a positive vibe & are excited about the possibilities ahead. New Year’s Weekend Highlights! We had a nice New Year’s eve just chillin’ at home in our pj’s with good food, fun chatting, & good memories. A few other things we’ve done […]

Friday Favorites {9/18/15}

Hi everyone, happy FRI-YAY! Let’s chat about some favorites from the week-sound good?  Also, share yours in the comments too; I love hearing about it all! {linking up with Heather & Katie} Friday Favorites {9/18/15} Lily’s desire to have her photo taken with baby Lexi You guys, Lily is so adorable with baby Lexi. She […]

Labor Day Weekend 2015

As much fun as it is to celebrate Labor Day and for Jared to have a day off, it always makes me a little sad because it is the unofficial ending to summer. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me say it, but I’m in love with summer & it makes me cry thinking it’s […]

Les Mills GRIT™ Strength Release 11 Review + Thursday Thoughts

Hey everyone! Wow, I feel overwhelmed with even more excitement and love, thanks to all your congratulatory wishes on baby #2, and your ideas for some things I asked about. You all are the best! Switching gears a bit, let’s chat about Les Mills’ GRIT™ okay? I’ve coached GRIT™ since early 2013, but I’ve not […]

BODYPUMP™ Release 92 Review

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday! I’ve taught BODYPUMP™ Release 92 now for a few weeks, so I have a good feel for it and am ready to review it (see below)! If you haven’t taken a Les Mills’ BODYPUMP™ class, what are you waiting for?! No but really, go find one, and then go! It changed my […]

Perfecting the Lunge

On today, Veteran’s Day, I honor all veterans everywhere. THANK YOU for your service & sacrifice. <3 **** Today we’re going to be chatting lunges. As in, the exercise that works so many muscle groups! As in, the exercise many people do incorrectly.  And, as in, the exercise many people hate to do, and/or avoid. […]

At-Home Full-Body Workout

A few weeks ago I was asked to share education on & tips about nutrition & fitness to a large group of people at my church. As you can imagine, the broad topics of each was daunting to say the least. I had one hour and a room full of junior high & high school students […]

Friday Favorites (9/26/14)

Hi everyone! Happy FRIDAY! <3 I have a bazillion things on my mind & pictures I want to share, so get ready for some fun! And because it’s Friday, where things get just a bit random, I’m linking up with Heather, for Friday favorites. Friday Favorites (9/26/14) I took a half hour the other day […]

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