Hey friends! What’s up? A few things I must mention: 1. My massage was ahhhhmazing last night! I loooovvve massages. I always say that if I had tons of money to burn, I’d get a masseuse and a personal chef. 2. I ate a delicious lunch yesterday with a friend (we went to Mimi’s Cafe). […]

Being Productive

Hey friends! How are you all doing? I LOVED reading through your predictions on Baby Perks’ arrival! (And thank you for the ideas for the bag. There are so many wise readers reading my blog. Wahoo!) Well, it looks like she’ll be coming either just a few days before her due date or a few […]

Appreciate the Little Things

Hi friends! How are you doing this fine morning? 2 great reads from the huff.post (one is kinda funny, the other heartbreakingly awesome): How to raise a kid who isn’t whiny The day I stopped saying hurry up go read them. Alright. I’ve got randomness in my head….I feel stressed out…We’ve had a lot going […]

Validation From Others: How Dangerous Can It Be?

Hey friends! How’s it going? I am tired with a capital T. Like so so tired. It’s crazy too, because I feel like I’ve gotten to bed early than I have been, and I’ve been clocking more hours, but dannnggg coming up on the 3rd tri (this week!), is already kicking my butt. But otherwise […]

Simply Thankful + Winners

Hey friends! Work & life have been a tad bit cray lately, so I’m simply listing off a few things of what I’m thankful for today. Sometimes it’s just best to not stress, and instead, make a mental (or written) list of what you’re really grateful for at the moment. Especially when it might be […]

Learning to Let Go

Hey friends! Keep the entries coming for the Zevia giveaway! <–this stuff is so yumm. I’ve been trying to taste all the flavors (I have 5 more to go), and I think I could get used to that kind of job. 😉 ***** Learning to Let Go I am a Type A personality. You surprised?! […]

Friday Thoughts {2}

Hey ya all! Happy Friday! Here’s your weekly ‘thoughts’ blog-post/brain dump…. Friday Thoughts {2} 1. Today is the beginning of the BLEND Retreat! I am really excited to go up to Park City (about 30 mins or so from me), and join other blends in a weekend of fun. I am not gonna lie, I am […]

18 Weeks {Pregnancy Weight Gain}

Hey you guys! First off, thank you SO much for your kind comments. I’m glad you enjoy the new design/blog look too. I was hoping you would! 😉 And in case we ever meet in person (I sure hope we do!!), this blog reflects my personality to a tee–I love bright colors, I’m not afraid […]

Weekend Recap + Blog Redesign

Hey, hey! Notice anything different around these parts??? If you don’t, uhhhhhh, then I guess you must be brand new to the blog! (welcome) Otherwise, yes, my blog/website got a complete overhaul over the weekend. And I freaking love it! My husband is the genius behind it all–and designed everything the way I wanted it […]

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