BodyPUMP Release 86 Review

Hey friends! Some news: 1. I finally registered for the hypnobirthing classes! (PAT on the back for moi!) They’re gonna be loooonggg I suspect (3 hours 4x). I can’t sit still real well, so this could be interesting. Oh, and they recommend the husband comes along too….I think Jared is soooo excited about that. 😉 […]

BodyPUMP Release 85 Review

Hey, hey! Thanks for all your “hope you feel better”s! Yesterday I felt loads better, so I am grateful for that. I think the secret is lots of sleep, water, and eating right before bed. ****** I love teaching fitness. Did ya know?! Hah. But of it all, I really love being a Les Mills […]

Reader’s Request: Monthly Visitor FYI’s

Hey, hey! How’s it going mid-week? I am doing great! ******* Reader’s Request: Monthly Visitor FYI’s First of all, this post will definitely be about the monthly visitor (the period), so if you’re not interested or that is TMI to you (or you’re a guy), feel free to skip right on over & we’ll see […]

Five Things for a Friday

Hey, hey! Happy FRIDAY! First of all, I have a (fun) guest post on Janetha’s blog today! Check out some choice words I have about being a fitness instructor….. 😉 {After you read it, come back here too–I’ve got some good pics! hehe} And now, for today, just some randomness I’d thought I’d share. Five […]

411 on Casein Protein Powder + Recipe

Hey friends! Happy last day of January in 2013! Kinda crazy, right? I’ve had a pretty good month overall, so that’s been nice. But of course there were crappy parts, so I am excited to let those be behind me. Annnnnnd yesterday we got even more snow. It’s pretty for sure!! (But I’m kind of […]

Eats on Days I Teach Fitness Classes

Hey friends! Guess what?? Happy 1,000 days of marriage to us!! <3 Yay! We celebrate the small things & markers in our marriage–and I have a calendar count on my computer (never took it down when I had it up, counting the days until our wedding, so then it just counted days we’ve been married)-so […]

Focus On: Sumo Plyo Squat

Heyyyyyy. It’s the weekend, oh yes. SO glad about that. Zumba was crazzzzzy yesterday. I love teaching that class on Fridays! Last night was fun–my friend brought over her baby, and I babysat while she & her hubs went on a date. Awwwww. I also scarfed a bag of popcorn all by myself–gosh I love […]

BodyPUMP Release 84 Review

Hey, hey! How’s it going? I am so excited tomorrow is Friday. Not gonna lie-this week was intense to the max. I love everything I do, but for some reason, everything seemed wayyyy over the top intense. It’s okay to love what you do AND look forward a bit to the weekend, I think. 😉 […]

Failure Equals Success

Hey, hey! Happy Thankful Thursday to YOU! First off, you guys are right–pesto does rock, hence why I always have a bottle in my fridge. It’s like the easiest sauce ever, and it’s got some good stats (it’s made from pine nuts). Pesto for the win! Life lately has been full of teaching fitness, working […]

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