A Workout fueled by Sugar…..

Yo, how’s it going? We went away for the weekend, and it was so much fun! Jared and I packed up the girls after he got home from work on Friday and we headed to my parent’s vacation home. (For newer readers, my sister & her fam live there right now while they’re building their […]

Weekend Highlights + GIVEAWAY!

Hey friends! Happy last day of February & a leap year, no less! Our weekend highlights (2/29/16) included: teaching Zumba eating burgers in the sunshine playing outside date night with Jared to the temple & games with friends afterwards a short workout + foam rolling Lily taking the train with Jared to grandma’s house for […]

Sunshine, Burgers & a Stolen Car Wash

Hey, hey! Another weekend is in the books and it was a pretty good one. The sun shone for most of it and the snow is melting (which is okay with me now that it’s the end of February). Our little fam had a few adventures and it was nice to relax a bit too! […]

On Dating Your Spouse (& other weekend highlights)

On Dating Your Spouse (& other weekend highlights) The month of January and into February was cold, full of adventures & sleepless nights, and brought some challenges for Jared and myself. Whenever you throw kids into a marriage there is bound to be some shifting. There has to be, it’s only normal. But once the […]

Another Festive Weekend

Hi ya’all! We enjoyed another festive weekend together as a family. There were some highs & some lows as there always are, so I’ll be sure to mention all of it. 😉 Another Festive Weekend I taught Zumba on Friday morning (check out a video of me & my class dancing), and then later in […]

Thanksgiving Weekend 2015 Highlights

Hey everyone, how was your weekend? We had quite the nice, long weekend thanks to Jared being off work from Wednesday evening on. Wahoo! On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with our fellow Americans at Jared’s sister’s house. It was really lovely to be with his entire family & my sis & her family! As I […]

Weekend Highlights {11/23/15}

Hey everyone, how was your weekend? Ours was really nice and a little cray cray too….but that’s expected with two kids under two and Jared being gone for a chunk of the weekend. 😉 {linking up with Katie & Erin} Friday I taught Zumba on Friday and then after lunch both girls decided they did […]

My Birthday Weekend Highlights {2015}

Hey everyone-happy Tuesday! My birthday was on Saturday and it was so wonderful! But first, in true “true life” fashion, I want to address my Friday. It was a tough day–a lot of things just went wrong and it was a hard parenting day, I was tired (Lexi and Lily had both gotten up on Thursday night, […]

Painting the Basement & other Weekend Highlights

Hiiii! How was your weekend? Ours was really nice–a huge mixture of getting things done, some fun, and a tiny bit of relaxation & sleep. 😉 {linking up with Erin & Katie} Painting the Basement & other Weekend Highlights As you can probably tell from the title, this weekend was all about painting the basement! […]

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