BLEND Retreat 2013 Recap (Part 1)

Hey, hey friends! Wow. Just wow. I had such an amazing time at the BLEND retreat in Park City, UT! I figured ya’all wanted to see some pictures & hear a bit about what we did/saw/ate etc., but because so much happened in the 31 hours I was there, I’m going to recap it in […]

Friday Thoughts {2}

Hey ya all! Happy Friday! Here’s your weekly ‘thoughts’ blog-post/brain dump…. Friday Thoughts {2} 1. Today is the beginning of the BLEND Retreat! I am really excited to go up to Park City (about 30 mins or so from me), and join other blends in a weekend of fun. I am not gonna lie, I am […]

16 Weeks {Pregnancy Food Consumption Thoughts}

Hey friends! How’s it going? First of all, HAPPY 3rd Anniversary to me & my husband!! <3  I love love. And I absolutely love being married to Jared. That was the best decision I ever made-to marry him. And our wedding day, 3 years ago, was a day I will never, ever forget. Oh how […]

Baby Perks: The Details (& Weeks 4-13)

Hey friends! Thanks for all your kind well wishes & congrats on our announcement! You all are so sweet. We feel very blessed & loved, so thank you thank you! ****** First of all, we are SO excited. And I’ve been DYING to tell you all! But I love keeping secrets until the time is […]

A Weekend Full of Faves!

Hey friends! As the post’s title states, it was an incredible weekend! And the relatively nice, Spring weather didn’t hurt it either. 😉 A Weekend Full of Faves It was truly a weekend full of faves–those things that make me smile and make my heart sing. Friday Friday I taught Zumba & worked. Ate sushi. […]

Mexican Loaded Sweet Potato

Hey friends! Your entries in the popchips giveaway made me want to try all different kinds of chips! Thanks a lot. 😉 But that’s okay, I love me some chips. Speaking of, the other day at Jared’s parents’ house, I loaded my chicken burger plate with ’em. No shame. So delicious! ****** You know what […]

Skiing Spring Break 2013

Hey, hey! How are you all doing?! I missed you guys–but am glad you were in good hands. Guest posts are always super fun to read & to get to know other people, eh?! So I had a COMPLETE BLAST on my spring break!!! I love vacation. Love it. And there is no shame in […]

Quick Healthy Snack Ideas

Hey friends! Whoa. Monday was crazy crazy. It was a great day, but it was just a “whoa crazy!” day. Usually it’s not so bad, but for some reason I felt like I was dragging yesterday too–which made it seem longer & more stressful. I really do think the one hour springing forward thing did […]

I May or May Not Have…..

Hey friends! Happy FRIDAYYYYYYYY! Gosh, I am glad it’s Friday. This means it’s practically the weekend, AND it’s one week before we leave to go ski for a week with my family! Oh yessssss. {p.s. if anyone is interested in writing a guest blog post for this blog, email me! EnjoyYourHealthyLife {at} gmail {dot} com) […]

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