Perkation to Idaho {trip recap}

Heyyyy everyone! We went on a trip with Jared’s family to Idaho, had a blast, and are back now, so I want to recap a few highlights. I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Perkation to Idaho {trip recap} Our last name is Perkins, so when his family takes a trip, we call them […]

A Really Nice Weekend

Hey everyone! We’re back home (we came back Saturday morning), and it feels awesome. Vacation & such is always fun, but it’s nice to be home again & back in our groove. Plus, this past week was hard, with Jared’s dad having a stroke, it sort of changed the atmosphere, and it changed our dynamic […]

Family Camping Trip Recap

We went camping as a family last week, and so I wanted to share a few photos, thoughts, and such to remember this fun time we all had! Family Camping Trip Recap I was totally nervous to go tent camping with a 10-month old baby, but it turned out to be really great! It did […]

We’re Back!

Hi everyone! Oh man, that family vacation on a houseboat at Lake Powell was a blast! Here are a few teaser photos–I will be back with a bit more of a recap tomorrow. Enjoy! **** Have a GREAT day! <3 Please fill me in on YOU–what went on in YOUR life this past week?!  

Surprise! Weekend

Hiiii! So, big surprise….. Baby Lily and I are in StL again! So I am blogging from my parents’ home. ****** Surprise! Weekend Let me back up & explain why we are here in StL instead of SLC. Back in September I mentioned to my dad that I thought it would be so fun if […]

Weekend Highlights {12/2}

Hiiii people! Happy DECEMBER. Holy smokes. I can’t get over the fact that it is December! I can, however, get over the fact that I haven’t touched our decorations yet. yikes. The plan is to get those up today! (We were gone from Tue-Sun with Jared’s fam, so I have a good excuse.) Weekend Highlights […]

Lake Powell Family Houseboat Vacation 2013

Hey friends! The long-awaited recap with pictures is here! (I didn’t take a ton of photos–> phone+water+sand+sunscreen=not ideal conditions, but you’ll see a good smattering) It was an incredible week of fun, sun, water, and family time. My parents own a houseboat (a share of one), so we love going to the lake to enjoy […]

Friday Thoughts {3}

Hey, hey friends! Happy FRIDAY to us all. Let’s just get right to it…. Friday Thoughts {3} 1. Watching a 3-D movie is only worth it in imax. This is the conclusion I’ve come to after the other night’s shenanigans. I like 3-d stuff just fine, but to pay the extra mulah to make your […]

BLEND Retreat 2013 Recap (Part 1)

Hey, hey friends! Wow. Just wow. I had such an amazing time at the BLEND retreat in Park City, UT! I figured ya’all wanted to see some pictures & hear a bit about what we did/saw/ate etc., but because so much happened in the 31 hours I was there, I’m going to recap it in […]

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