Labor Day Weekend 2015

As much fun as it is to celebrate Labor Day and for Jared to have a day off, it always makes me a little sad because it is the unofficial ending to summer. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me say it, but I’m in love with summer & it makes me cry thinking it’s […]

4th of July Weekend Highlights {2015}

Hey everyone, I hope you had a nice weekend! We had a super wonderful time celebrating the 4th of July with family, and we came back Sunday evening tired, happy, full, and reminiscing on the good times we had. Here are a few highlights! 4th of July Weekend Highlights {2015} On Thursday evening after I […]

Weekend Highlights + Home Decor Questions

Hi everyone–how was your weekend? Ours was really nice—a good mix of productive and relaxing, which is exactly what we all needed! Weekend Highlights {6/29/15} Here are our highlights! I taught Zumba. I finished painting the banister/stairwell (!!!!). I took Lily to a splash pad (she loved it until she was tiiiiiired, then it wasn’t […]

ZUMBA clothes, Spark, Citrus Salad, & Confrontation!

Heyyy everyone! Happy FRIDAY to us! I’ve got a bunch of random thoughts on the brain, so let’s get at ’em, shall we? ZUMBA clothes, Spark, Citrus Salad, & Confrontation! I was sent an outfit from Zumba® to wear & review (see below), but they also sent me a bunch of items just for fun. […]

So Glad I Went to the Gym Anyway

Hiii everyone! If you missed the rest of our weekend in pictures, the giveaway winner announcement, and where we found our amazing reusable food pouches, check out this post! I explained that we were up at the mountain house with my sister & her family for the weekend (and boy was it a blast!!), but […]

Weekend Highlights {8/4}

Hiii everybody! Wow. How did that weekend go so fast?! Probably because it was a pretty good one. I like to highlight the highlights of the weekend, but the very obvious low light (haha) or downside of the weekend was when Lily decided she didn’t want to nap yesterday. Yikes. She’s resisted naps before, but […]

Friday Things {7/25}

Hi everyone! Happy FRIDAY! Friday Things {7/25} 1. Having a holiday on a Thursday made the week extra fun! Yesterday was a holiday in Utah, so we invited Jared’s family (and my sister and her kids who live nearby now, yay!), to come swim at our apartment complex. We ordered a bunch of pizzas, had […]

Holiday Weekend Highlights

Hi everyone! We had a lovely July 4th weekend, so let’s get to that, shall we? But first, let’s back up to Thursday…simply because we went back to Lagoon (an amusement park) with some of my family for a few hours. Our tickets from the previous week allowed us to come back for a few […]

Friday Thoughts {7}

Hiii everyone! Happy FRIDAY <3 Friday Thoughts {7} 1. This week has been really great! I swear, when life gives you a bad week (or day) it is often followed by a really great week (or day). Baby L has been sleeping like a champ (one night not so much–but I think it was the […]

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