Life Lately

Hiiii everyone! Whoa, it’s been over a month and a half since I last blogged! That is definitely the longest break I’ve taken, and honestly, I’m totally ok with it! While I like to blog, it is not a top priority, so it just happens when it happens. #lifeofamom I love lists & bullet points, […]

What is Life like without Social Media?

Hey, hey! Long time, no chat, eh? Happy JUNE!! It’s been a busy and wonderful couple of months, and for fun, I thought I’d share my thoughts on how life has been without social media. Ever wonder what life is life without social media? Well, I’m here to tell you! {note: I removed myself from […]

Intentional April

Hey yo, how’s it going everyone? It’s a few days into April, and although I don’t do ‘goals’ for each month, I always have intentions and plans in my phone & head (hello check mark queen!), and I thought it’d be fun to check in and share. Intentional April social media For this month I […]

Thought on ‘Realness’ in Social Media

I came upon a post the other day that rang so true to me! I just had to share some snippets and a few of my thoughts. Find the full post here. Near the beginning of the post she says: We all have our strengths and weaknesses, so when I see posts that say “this is […]

Review of 2014 Goals & 2014 Highlights

Review of 2014 Goals From last year’s post (paraphrased) these were my 2014 goals I set: Goals for 2014 1. Make an effort to live in the present with baby Lily. 2. Make at least 1 new recipe per month! 3. Build a strong core. 4. Have a real date night with Jared at least 1 […]

Healthy Habits I’m Failing At

Healthy Habits I’m Failing At Lately I’ve been noticing that there are some healthy habits I’m failing at. And I wanted to share! It might be weird to hear that I’m not doing so hot at a few healthy things because I’m a fitness blogger & health/wellness advocate, but I’m also human. I think it’s […]

Friday Confessions {25}

Hiii everyone! Happy FRIDAY! And Happy August 1st…it’s Switzerland’s national holiday, so it’s extra special to me today too. I will make sure to eat Swiss chocolate to celebrate. You all should as well! 😉 Friday Confessions {25} 1. I was without the sun for over 4 days. And I suffered immensely, if you must […]

Giving Up a Bit of Social Media

Hi everyone! It is the final day of July, 2014. WOW. How did that happen? Giving Up a Bit of Social Media As I was contemplating the end of this month, I wanted to do something different for the final month of ‘true’ summer. To really live it out with a bang and have no […]

Do 50% More Update + Giveaway {Musselman’s & Nike}

Hiiiii everyone! Happy FRIDAY to us!! I love the weekends because that is when we get extra time with Jared–and boy does baby L love him! She lights up every time he comes home around 530 p.m. As do I! Okay people, remember my do 50% more personal challenge I set in honor of Musselman’s […]

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