Healthy Habits I’m Failing At

Healthy Habits I’m Failing At Lately I’ve been noticing that there are some healthy habits I’m failing at. And I wanted to share! It might be weird to hear that I’m not doing so hot at a few healthy things because I’m a fitness blogger & health/wellness advocate, but I’m also human. I think it’s […]

Real….and Sharp

Hi everyone Happy MAY! Thank you for all your kind congrats and well wishes yesterday! We had a lovely anniversary <3 And the fun continues this weekend–I am so excited! *** So other news this week…..check out these bad boys!! Yes folks….those are real. Two teeth in one week. BAM. And those suckers are sharp! […]

Postpartum & Baby: 5 Months Update

Hiiii you guys! Wow. What a day yesterday. I was so excited to go to bed! And today is April. CRAZY. By the way–if you have emailed me in the past week, I PROMISE I will email you back today or tomorrow, mmmkay?! It’s been a bit crazy town over here with travel, work, etc. […]

Weekend Highlights + Musselman’s Big Cups

Hiii friends! How are you all doing? The weekend was a great one–so per usual, here are a few highlights for ya. And I’m going to do 6 words per picture. I really enjoyed that last week, but I upped the word count by 1. You know, just to keep things hoppin’ around here! 😉 […]

19 Weeks {First Baby Purchase}

Hey, hey! How are you all doing? I am still on a BLEND Retreat 2013 high…it was just so so fabulous. And yes, another recap is on its way at some point. Promise. But today, it’s pregnancy update time! 19 Weeks {First Baby Purchase} Baby Perks is just over 19 weeks today and is about […]

18 Weeks {Pregnancy Weight Gain}

Hey you guys! First off, thank you SO much for your kind comments. I’m glad you enjoy the new design/blog look too. I was hoping you would! 😉 And in case we ever meet in person (I sure hope we do!!), this blog reflects my personality to a tee–I love bright colors, I’m not afraid […]

Rest & Restore

Hey friends! How’s it going today?! I’m doing pretty darn peachy! We had so much fun with our anniversary celebrating (picked up a gift & ate dinner at Jason’s Deli)–but I was lazy & didn’t say anything yesterday. Whoops. outfit: {i’m on a green kick. with a side of toothbrush}   While we were out […]

Friday Confessions (3)

Hey friends! Happy FRIDAY to us!!!! <3 I really like dumping my thoughts & confessions into a blog post (you’re welcome). So here it is. Friday Confessions (version #3) Sleeping 11 hours > sleeping 8 hours Just had to throw that one out there. Not only am I hermit in the evenings after I teach […]

14 Weeks

Hey guys. ***My hearts & prayers go out to those affected in Boston. Such tragedy is so heart wrenching! And I only hope that those affected will know and feel all of our prayers & thoughts, and the peace & comfort of God’s love*** How’s it going? I’m doing okay–pretty tired (more on that below), […]

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