I’m Okay With Never Running Another Marathon (& Other Thoughts)

Hiiii everyone! How’s it hangin’?! If you haven’t yet, make sure to enter the really fun Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins Giveaway I’ve got going on. Aren’t all the colors so cute??! I want like 10 more pairs for Lily! 😉 **** I’m Okay With Never Running Another Marathon (& Other Thoughts) This title & the idea […]

What We Ate Wednesday (Mom & Baby Edition)

Hiiii everyone! Today I’m back with a WIAW post (thanks, Jenn, for hosting!), but this time it’ll be about me AND Lily’s eats, and it’s a peek into our day from yesterday (for those of you nosy folks, hehe). I took as many pictures as I had remembered to, so enjoy the smattering of those […]

The Color Run-Kaleidoscope Tour

Hii you guys! HAPPY Friday! <3 While I am off getting my butt (and core) handed to me at a Les Mills Advanced Instructor training today, I have some info I just had to pass along! *** Last year I ran The Color Run at 33 weeks pregnant with Ashley. It was SO fun. I […]

WIAW-Feeling Snacky

Hey friends! How are you all doing? We got snow here in StL, and everything practically shut down. My sister joked that we should share a snowflake since there is so much of it. (sarcasm) HAHA. We both went to college in UT, have parents who grew up in the mountains, and share a love […]

Hit and Run 5K + Weekend Stuff

Hey friends! {Yep, still chugging along. Baby girl is stubborn and slightly late to the party! Takes after her mama already….} This weekend started off horrendously — waiting for a baby is no joke, p.s.– but it ended really well. Thanks to some nice diversions, a great husband, some fun friends, a good bath, and […]

Hit and Run 5K {Giveaway} + Snapshots

Hey friends! How are you doing? I’m doing pretty well. We had a good weekend, but it ended with me being a lil’ sick (sore throat/head cold). But overall it was a good one. Here are some snapshots of our weekend…enjoy! Snapshots {Zumba. // Carved apples for each other b/c of our special day. // Dinner […]

A Colorific Weekend!

Hey friends. Happy new week! First of all, I (and Baby Perks) survived the Color Run 5k. Good news, right?! Let me share with ya what we did this weekend, and at the end I’ll highlight the Color Run that I participated in with Ashley & her friend Jen on Saturday! (get ready for a […]

The Color Run

Hey hey. We’ve had tons of fun lately with Jared’s fam-so we’ll be with them a few more days. Vacay is so fun! **** I have something super cool to share with you while I’m absent from blogland… The Color Run™, also known as “the happiest 5k on the planet”, is a unique paint race […]

Being a Binge Runner

Hey friends! Once again, you all are too sweet! Thank YOU so much for your kind words & thoughts. You all are the bomb diggity! ****** I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile, and now that the secret is out, it makes even more sense to write about it now. Being a Binge […]

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