The Laughing Cow, Recharge Protein Bars + GIVEAWAY

Hey peeps. How are you all doing? I am peachy, but just a taaaaaddd bit tired. I’ve had quite the week back so far–as I’ve been splitting time with working, teaching (fitness), and spending time with some of my family who are staying at the mountain house (about an hour away). It’s been a bit […]

Whey Berry Smoothie + Designer Whey Review

Hey friends! How are you all doing? I personally think it’s pretty fantastic that tomorrow is already Friday. I felt like this week flew by! It sure helps that I ninja-kicked my to-do lists (personal & work) this week. When I am busy/working hard, the time fliiiieeeess by! **** So I actually created a recipe. […]

Weekend Snapshots

Hey friends! Yep, me and my baby are fine. I’m so sorry I scared or worried anyone! We were just sad, and I simply did not feel like writing. Unfortunately, the blog is the first thing to go when life gets busy or when something or someone needs me more than usual. I like to blog, […]

Round-Up of this Week’s Eats (Pictures)

Hey! Happy FRIDAY! We had a lovely Valentine’s Day– low key & romantic. Perfect! Jared left hearts on my computer, a message with heart candies, sent me sweet texts, let me sleep in, & gave me a nice massage in the evening. I am a lucky girl! To be honest, none of those things are […]

Five Things for a Friday

Hey, hey! Happy FRIDAY! First of all, I have a (fun) guest post on Janetha’s blog today! Check out some choice words I have about being a fitness instructor….. 😉 {After you read it, come back here too–I’ve got some good pics! hehe} And now, for today, just some randomness I’d thought I’d share. Five […]

411 on Casein Protein Powder + Recipe

Hey friends! Happy last day of January in 2013! Kinda crazy, right? I’ve had a pretty good month overall, so that’s been nice. But of course there were crappy parts, so I am excited to let those be behind me. Annnnnnd yesterday we got even more snow. It’s pretty for sure!! (But I’m kind of […]

TRY Something New

Hey, hey! How’s it going? We got more snow–and it really is pretty! It makes me want to cuddle up in bed, sip hot cocoa, and read a book….. I did a bit of that last night after teaching BodyPUMP. Woot. I really love my relaxing evening time before bed during the weekdays! ******* As […]

Eats on Days I Teach Fitness Classes

Hey friends! Guess what?? Happy 1,000 days of marriage to us!! <3 Yay! We celebrate the small things & markers in our marriage–and I have a calendar count on my computer (never took it down when I had it up, counting the days until our wedding, so then it just counted days we’ve been married)-so […]

Simply Weekendesque

Heyyyyyy! Happy Monday! Gah. It was such a good weekend, I did NOT want it to end! I love that time to recharge, get some things done, spend extra time doing nothing, and enjoy quality experiences with my husband and friends. This weekend was all of that and more! I spent time with: fitness cleaning […]

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