Thursday Thoughts {4/21/16}

Yo, everybody, what is up?! Without social media, and having not blogged or read blogs for awhile, I seriously feel like I have been so out of the loop. I also have no idea what is going on in the news, no idea what the celebrities are doing, and no idea what you are all […]


This special Easter week makes my heart swell with joy because our Savior lives! I love celebrating this truth, Hallelujah! I have a niece, a nephew, a sister-in-law, an aunt, a few uncles, and countless grandmothers & grandfathers waiting in heaven. Because of the Savior I will see them again and be with them again. […]

Pregnancy #2 : 20 & 21 Weeks Update

It is time for another update on this pregnancy! Pregnancy #2: 20 & 21 Weeks Update {another selfie….I’m seriously striking out with getting good bump photos lately. Sorry!} I’m just over 21 weeks with Baby Perks #2 & she was about the size of a banana (wk 20), & is now somewhere around the size of a […]


Hi everyone! In honor of today being September 11th, I just want to take a moment of silence for those persons who died in the horrible attacks on the east coast (& especially on the twin towers in NYC) in 2001. … It is a day never to be forgotten, and I salute those heroes […]

Weekend Highs & Lows

Hiii! The weekend is over (sad) face, but now I get to relive a bit of it here for memory’s sake. Wahoo! Overall it was a pretty great one, but I must admit, there were a few lows too. And they were things I hadn’t foreseen… {but, on a sort of sad/hilarious note, my sister had […]

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