Building Muscle: The Do’s & Don’ts

Hi, my name is Annette, and I used to be a hard-core cardio junkie. Can anyone else relate?! {thinking out loud for a second-so I’m linking up with Amanda!} Most people know that doing a lot of cardio will burn calories, and when I was struggling with my disordered eating/emotional eating/binge eating habits, I knew […]

Get Past a Plateau

Hey friends! How’s life treatin’ ya this week? I’m doing fantabulously. Yes, it’s a word. 😉 Here are two of the reasons why I am doing well: What can I say? I like me some fooooooood! Cafe Rio and my Blendtec win again. I really do love me some greens! I’m grateful my taste buds LIKE […]

Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Hey friends! How’s it going mid-week? Real quick, I agree with a lot of you who mentioned this in your comments on yesterday’s post: to be a great fitness instructor, you MUST be passionate, friendly, and energetic. Amen. You can always become those things, but having those qualities will definitely ensure a great experience for […]

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