Tips for Greater Success in a Les Mills’ Class

As a group fitness instructor, I get to have a unique view of the participants & the goings on of a group fitness class. And as a Les Mills’ instructor more specifically, there are certain things I see and/or try to tell class members that I think will help them improve their experience in the […]

BodyPUMP Release 90 Review

Hi everyone! Yesterday was so nice–baby Lily and I babysat our friend’s baby (and both babies did great), baby L and I went swimming with the monitor near while the baby slept, I checked off a bunch of items on my projects-around-the-apartment to-do list, I actually cooked dinner (!!), and then I met up with […]

Eating My Calories Back (& More)!

Hiii everyone! Right now we have a sweeeeeet giveaway going on, so check that out & enter! **** I thought it’d be fun to do a somewhat ‘day in the life’ post with my eats from yesterday. I did NOT take a picture of everything I ate (#sorryimnotsorry), but it’ll still be fun nonetheless. Promise! […]

BodyPump Release 89 Review

Hiii everyone! How’s it going in your neck of the woods? Baby L did pretty well at gym daycare (she did cry for a bit after I left, they said–sad!), but man was she tiiiirreed when I picked her up. Once we got home, she took a 3 hour nap (!!) I almost didn’t know […]

Being a ‘Fit Mom’

Hiiii friends! How are you all doing today?! How is the weather where you are at? I’ve definitely seen that there is some crazy stuff sweeping the US right now, so stay warm! ***** I feel like rambling today, so grab a snack & enjoy! 😉 Being a ‘Fit Mom’ On October 27th (2013), my […]

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