A Sick Weekend

Hey friends! Happy March. {the winner of the Balance Bar giveaway is announced below} A Sick Weekend Wow, that weekend was just…..sick. Literally. Like I’ve been sick since Thursday morning and then Jared who had suffered from a sore throat for about a week succumbed to his sickness on Saturday, and on Sunday Lily had […]

Friday Favorites {2/27/15}

Hey everyone, happy FRIDAY! It’s the last Friday of February in 2015. Isn’t that just crazy? I’m writing this on Thursday and I’m currently lying on our bed totally sick with the flu (feverish, achy body, no appetite—>>which blows when pregnant. Ugh). It sucks. Anyway, I decided to write about a few things that have made […]

We’re Back!

Hi everyone! Oh man, that family vacation on a houseboat at Lake Powell was a blast! Here are a few teaser photos–I will be back with a bit more of a recap tomorrow. Enjoy! **** Have a GREAT day! <3 Please fill me in on YOU–what went on in YOUR life this past week?!  

Weekend Highlights {Anniversary Date Night}

Hiiiii everyone! A very happy Monday to us! And happy Cinco de Mayo too. We’re going to eat chips and salsa tonight for sure! 😉 **** This weekend was full of awesomeness. There was one kinda sad part though…baby Lily got a slight fever. I think it’s from teething because she seemed ‘fine’ other than […]

4 Years <3

Hiiii everyone! The winner of the random drawing for the Musselman’s Big Cups applesauce and Nike gift card is: #4 // Linz! Congrats, girl! {winner will be emailed today} *** Today has very special meaning to my husband and me…. It is our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary! <3 {If you don’t like somewhat mushy posts, […]

Learning to Lose the Guilt

Hi friends! How’s it going? Anyone have any fun stories to share? Oooh pick me! Yesterday after about an hour of her being in bed, we heard baby Lily babbling….so Jared went in quietly to see if she needed the binkie. He came right back out and was like “babe, you’ve got to come see […]

Weekend Highlights: Our Return

Hiii friends! Happy Monday and new week to all of us! In case you missed it, my little baby and I flew out last week to StL to babysit my siblings so we could surprise my mom into taking a trip to Costa Rica with my dad. The whole thing was EPIC. ***** Weekend Highlights: […]

End of 2013 Reflections

Hiiiii! It is the LAST DAY of 2013!! Crazy, right?!? ***** End of 2013 Reflections To begin, here is what I said from my blog post at the beginning of this year  –I said this: “I have resolutions for 2013, but I haven’t quite decided on the specifics. Ahhh well. I do know these: In 2013 […]

Lily’s Birth Story (Part 2)

Hey friends! Let’s continue on, shall we? If you missed it, read Lily’s Birth Story {part 1} first. Lily’s Birth Story {Part 2} Where did we leave off? Saturday, October 26, 2013 Oh yes. Saturday night at 9 pm I was checked & was dilated to a 9! That may sound awesome but what it really meant […]

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