HooRag Review

Hey friends! How is 2013 treating you? I am doing great! I started the year off with sleeping in, smashing a workout (GRIT, baby<–gotta practice before I begin coaching it on Monday!), eating some good food (sparkling grape juice at lunch, anyone?!), playing in the snow, and just living it up with family. However, my […]

h.h.gregg 100$ Gift Card GIVEAWAY & Polar HR Monitor

Hey friends! Happy weekend It’s snowed a lot….. So pretty. And now we’re currently up at the mountain cabin with my parents. Wahoo! Hello mini-break. ******* There’s a lot going on in this post so here’s a heads up: review of my Polar FT4 HR monitor FYI about a huge FB promotion hosted by h.h.gregg […]

Focus On: The Jack Pushup

Hey friends! Good morning. Happy weekend and DECEMBER to you I sure hope you all have fun festivities planned for the weekend! ****** Well, as you know, I am about to go sweat buckets & get pushed to my limits in the GRIT training this weekend….. So I thought I’d share one of the moves […]

Random Tidbits of News

Hey guys! Happy FRIDAY and last day of November, 2012! WHOA! Who’s excited about this weekend?? Well, here’s the final catch up since I’ve been gone + a few things I haven’t mentioned…. Random Tidbits of Fun 1. So when I was in StL, I got to see my amazing friend, Lindsay! She is the […]

Becoming a Les Mills Instructor

Heyyyyy there! How’s it going? It’s a short work/school week for those in the U.S. and I can feel the ‘special holiday feeling’ in the air. I loooovvee it! The holiday season is my favorite. {If you missed it, check out the last post & see how adorable my nephews are.} Oh, and I yesterday […]

Get GRITty + FitMixer Updates

Hey friends! How are ya?! Later on in the day yesterday, I was feeling GRRREEAAATTT! Here’s WHY: Did ya read that right?! Get GRITty It’s the training I’ve wanted to do since I heard about this program- the Les Mills Grit Series!! Ahhh! One of the gyms I work at is bringing the GRIT Series […]

Weekly Workouts Update + Kona Kase Review

Hey friends! How’s it going?! I really LOVED your comments on yesterday’s post. I think in general we all need nice reminders to take a chill pill, realize no one is perfect, and simply be kinder–to everyone and to ourselves. You all have your heads on straight! If you need some extra help loving yourself, […]

Friday Tangents

Hey! HAPPY FRIDAY! Ya’all glad it’s the weekend? I am, because I get to see my dad & brother-and hear amazing, uplifting messages all weekend long. WOOT! ****** Janae always has hilarious posts–and she has a great idea of posting tangents. Well, I’m gonna share some randomness with you today. Watch out! Friday Tangents I […]

BPA-Free EcoBottle + Run Update

Hey friends! How’s it going?! I’m feeling great. I’ve totally made it a part of my JOB to get to bed early lately, and it’s working well so far. Who knew that getting 8+ hours is better than getting less than 8 hours of sleep? Hah. I am kidding. I KNOW this. But there’s always […]

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