Round-Up of this Week’s Eats (Pictures)

Hey! Happy FRIDAY! We had a lovely Valentine’s Day– low key & romantic. Perfect! Jared left hearts on my computer, a message with heart candies, sent me sweet texts, let me sleep in, & gave me a nice massage in the evening. I am a lucky girl! To be honest, none of those things are […]

Health Nut? Or Not?

Hey, hey! First off, thanks for all being glad I am safe. It was reassuring to know you all were scared for me too! 😉 You guys are great–thanks for reading & commenting. I always read each & every comment, FYI <–even if I don’t get around to answering…… Yes, I am a slacker in […]

Protein Apple Chunk Muffins

Hey friends! The beautiful Fall weather has arrived! And I am okay with that. {source} I really do enjoy the chilly mornings-but it takes longer to get dressed now! Hah. You must add a sweater + jacket + slippers (I work from home) instead of just the usual shorts/skirt & shirt. My minutes matter a […]

Super Food: Kale

Hey friends! How’s it going for ya?? BP 83 is in the HOUSE! (I taught it again yesterday and it ruled). I am doing GREAT! Last night was super fun: date night with the hubby to the Owl City concert. Ummm YES! Soooo fabulous. {snackage at the concert} The concert was good too. 😉 I […]

Friday Fall Survey

Happy Friday! How’s it going today? It is beautiful weather here, and I am totally enjoying these great days! My home office has a huge window and I often leave the windows open. I so love fresh, crisp air! Glorious. ****** So, thanks to Cait, I got the idea to bring a Fall Survey to […]

Why Snacks Help

Hey friends! How is life going for ya all this week? {P.s. thanks for liking the table. I thought it looked good too. Wahoo for not failing in the ‘decorating’ dept!} Some of our Ikea furniture got built-thanks to my fabulous husband. I screwed in just 1 piece. Yep-1. I am really helpful and handy […]

Top 6 Ways To Eat More Veggies

Good morning! How are you all feeling? I am doing pretty good– although I’ve had some stressful events in the past 24 hours + that blessed time of month (grateful for it, but still)… yahhhhh. Tears were shed, heart rate was quickened, and worrying commenced. And then I remembered my own advice: just breathe. So […]

How To Cure Obesity?

Good morning! Oh man, I slept like a rock last night-and it felt amazing! {looked something like that, but a bit uglier. heh} ****** At the conference this past weekend, we had an awesome keynote speaker, Dr. Hill, give an outstanding presentation on the whys, hows, research, and questions about obesity and living healthy. It […]

It’s Okay To Eat Weird Combos

Hi friends! How are you? I am so glad that yesterday’s post about getting rid of fat days for forever resonated with so many of you It’s an incredible thing to be able to love your life NOW and to stop worrying about the small things that don’t really matter in the long run. Julie […]

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