Screen Shots {Life Lately}

Recently I’ve been taking some screen shots (and photos) of random things (quotes & the like), and I figure it’d be a peek into the goings on in our lives to post ’em. And who doesn’t love the trusty screen shot?! So I’m the type of person who always has something going on, something up […]

Reflections on the Month without Facebook

Hiii everyone! It is September (sad face), which means not only is summer ending (sad face again), my month without Facebook is up! I’ve actually yet to hop back on FB, so with that being said, here are a few of my reflections on the month without Facebook. Reflections on the Month without Facebook I felt happier and […]

Habits I Have (Good & Bad)

Hiiii my friends! How are you all doing?! I am seriously loving these awesome nights where baby Lily just snoozes away. We are all just loving it! (New mamas, around 3.5 months it seems (for us), is where it just clicks! She’s slept well for most of her little life, but now it’s like “AHHHHA/ […]

Diet Mentality vs. Lean Living

Hiii friends! How is the new year treating you already? I pretty much lazed about to start the new year off well. 😉 I slept in until 11 a.m. (well, with 2 wake-ups during the early morning & at 8 a.m.), didn’t workout, watched Despicable Me 2, stayed in my PJs until 2, ate a […]

Baby’s First Plane Flight

Hiiiii friends! If you haven’t yet, go ENTER the NuNaturals Stevia GiveAWAY  **** Baby’s First Plane Flight So we made it to StL in mostly 1 piece. Okay, well, in 3 pieces…. …since there are three of us. 😉 It actually went surprisingly really well! Sadly we had to get up at a freakishly early […]

Lily’s Newborn Photo Shoot Photos!

Hey friends! Wow, you all are so kind! Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes all over the place (blog, twitter, IG, FB) –you guys rock. I had a great one. <3 Jared surprised me & came home early from school, we did some shopping with Lily, we had dinner from Cafe Rio […]


Hey friends! What’s up? A few things I must mention: 1. My massage was ahhhhmazing last night! I loooovvve massages. I always say that if I had tons of money to burn, I’d get a masseuse and a personal chef. 2. I ate a delicious lunch yesterday with a friend (we went to Mimi’s Cafe). […]

Appreciate the Little Things

Hi friends! How are you doing this fine morning? 2 great reads from the (one is kinda funny, the other heartbreakingly awesome): How to raise a kid who isn’t whiny The day I stopped saying hurry up go read them. Alright. I’ve got randomness in my head….I feel stressed out…We’ve had a lot going […]

Make The Sacrifice

hey friends! Good morning Yesterday I had a great morning, actually! I met my amazing friend, Maria and her cute boy, Parker, for breakfast at Kneaders. Hello award-winning, delicious french toast. With a side of carmelized sugary syrup (best ever). <3 We had a lovely morning & it reminds me what amazing friends & loved […]

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