Baby Perks: The Details (& Weeks 4-13)

Hey friends! Thanks for all your kind well wishes & congrats on our announcement! You all are so sweet. We feel very blessed & loved, so thank you thank you! ****** First of all, we are SO excited. And I’ve been DYING to tell you all! But I love keeping secrets until the time is […]

Not Always What It Seems

Hey friends! How’s your week going? Mine has gone swimmingly thus far-can’t complain too much here! I also had a nice chat with one of my best friends yesterday, so that’s made the week beginning on a really nice note. ****** Not Always What it Seems As a blogger (it still seems weird to me […]

Skiing Spring Break 2013

Hey, hey! How are you all doing?! I missed you guys–but am glad you were in good hands. Guest posts are always super fun to read & to get to know other people, eh?! So I had a COMPLETE BLAST on my spring break!!! I love vacation. Love it. And there is no shame in […]

Quick Healthy Snack Ideas

Hey friends! Whoa. Monday was crazy crazy. It was a great day, but it was just a “whoa crazy!” day. Usually it’s not so bad, but for some reason I felt like I was dragging yesterday too–which made it seem longer & more stressful. I really do think the one hour springing forward thing did […]

Sleeping Well Influenced by Diet?

Hey friends! How’s it going for you all this week? I woke up yesterday feeling super awake for teaching BP really early. It was uber weird. Who actually jumps up out of bed a bit before 5 a.m. revving to go? This girl does not. Except for yesterday. Weird. Speaking of sleep (and how much […]

Eats on Days I Teach Fitness Classes

Hey friends! Guess what?? Happy 1,000 days of marriage to us!! <3 Yay! We celebrate the small things & markers in our marriage–and I have a calendar count on my computer (never took it down when I had it up, counting the days until our wedding, so then it just counted days we’ve been married)-so […]

Feeling Thankful + Giveaway Winner

Hey friends! How are you doing during this short work week? Work has been good–but it’s kinda hard to jump right back into it, ya know?! I felt slightly overwhelmed. It helped though, that afterwards I went sledding, drank hot cocoa, and played games with my family. It’s been super fun to be with them […]

A Day in the Life

Hey hey! It’s FRIDAY! Duh. But it’s an obligatory beginning to every blog post that is written on a Friday. Not sure I am right? Go check any blog….. 😉 All in good fun. Fridays ARE special, and I am glad I get to spend a part of it with my husband (he is so […]

How to Create a Healthy Meal/Snack

Hey friends! How’s it hanging where you are at? Here? SNOWY. COLD. And I’m tired. But all quite fun since the holiday cheer is in the air! AND it’s 12/12/12 AND it’s 12 days before Christmas. The geek inside me is uber excited about all of the above!! {geek} p.s. My sis was hoping her […]

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