Thursday Thoughts

Hey ya’all. I haven’t done Thursday Thoughts in awhile, but I have so many things to chat about, and so I thought I’d dump a bunch into a post. You’re welcome! Linking up for Thinking out Loud with Amanda Thursday Thoughts I posted an annoying abs photo on instagram. I know, I know. Ugh. But hear […]

Friday Favorites

Hey everyone, happy FRIDAY! I’m linking up with Heather (and Katie) for these today! Friday Favorites (12/5/14) I am loving the holiday season with my little family.  Oh man, I am loving spending time with Lily during the day as we read about Christmas, talk about Jesus and His birth, and shop together for a […]

Weekend Highlights

Heyyy everyone! The weekend came & went quite quickly, but it was enjoyed by the three of us. The weather was beautiful, so lots of walks were had, playing on the playground happened, and the door to our balcony was open most of the three days! Weekend Highlights (10/13/14) We had a low-key weekend at […]

Fall Recipes I Must Try!

Since it’s apparently fall (no signs of it yet in Utah….which I am okay with because #summerforever), I thought it’d be fun to share pins I’ve pinned (<—follow me!!) of fall foods I will be making (or dreaming about making). I do have a few fall recipes I make almost every year (well, last year […]

Are ‘Fitspiration’ Photos or Quotes Motivating to You?

Hey everyone! Yesterday was beaaaauuutiful weather, so we had an even more awesome day than we’d planned on. And this mama got to take a 1.5 hour nap (Lily took just about a 3 hour nap). I guess you could say we both needed it, because we both slept deeply! 😉 **** Are ‘Fitspiration’ Photos […]

Do 50% More Update + Giveaway {Musselman’s & Nike}

Hiiiii everyone! Happy FRIDAY to us!! I love the weekends because that is when we get extra time with Jared–and boy does baby L love him! She lights up every time he comes home around 530 p.m. As do I! Okay people, remember my do 50% more personal challenge I set in honor of Musselman’s […]

Fun Facts Friday {12/13/}

Hiiii friends! Happy FRIDAY…the 13th. Ooooh spooky. Anyone superstitious??! Not gonna lie, with my due date being the 12th, I was so nervous she’d be born on the 13th, and have to deal with superstition when her birthday fell on a Friday. Well, seeing as though her birthday is nowhere NEAR the 13th (cough. those […]

6 Random Facts About Me

Hey friends! How’s it going? HAPPY FRIDAY! And happy LONGEST day of the year <3 I am stoked to spend today & the rest of the weekend with some of my family  (& husband!) at the mountain house. After I teach Zumba in the a.m. today, I’m taking the day off work & going to […]

Why Do We Blog?

Hey friends! How are ya today? Happy MAY! (so so happy it’s warmer weather month. Now come on UT, let’s bring the heat & sun!!) I love when it hits mid-week, probably because it means I’ve done my 3 early wake-up calls for the week… 😉 I coach GRIT 2 days & teach BP one […]

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