BODYPUMP™ Release 96 Review

Fun fact: 3 years ago TODAY we found out we were going to be parents! It’s amazing how much can change in 3 years, eh? Now with two little girls our lives are just even better than before and definitely crazier too. We just love them so much! And happy Groundhog’s day. I’m pretty sure […]

BODYPUMP™ Release 95 Review

Wow, the past two days have been SO busy! Celebrating Lily’s 2nd birthday was so so fun–I’ll be sure to share details & pics soon! I taught BP release 95 now for three weeks, so I want to review it here. p.s. If you haven’t taken a Les Mills’ BODYPUMP™ class, I highly recommend this class. It […]

BODYPUMP Release 93 Review

It’s been a few weeks now that I’ve taught BODYPUMP™ Release 93 and I’m ready to share my thoughts about it! If you haven’t taken a Les Mills’ BODYPUMP™ class, what are you waiting for?!  But really, go find one, and then go! It changed my life, and it can change yours too. If you want […]

Reebok Cardio Ultra

One of the most important questions asked at my Les Mills’ BODYATTACK training was: what is the best shoe to teach or take ATTACK in? Well my friends, I finally have the answer for you…. The Reebok Cardio Ultra shoe. It is the ultimate gym shoe for any woman who takes or teaches cardio classes, […]

Weekend Highlights

Heyyy everyone! The weekend came & went quite quickly, but it was enjoyed by the three of us. The weather was beautiful, so lots of walks were had, playing on the playground happened, and the door to our balcony was open most of the three days! Weekend Highlights (10/13/14) We had a low-key weekend at […]

Reasons to Walk Out of a Group Fitness Class

Hiii everyone! A few things first: Baby Lily is for sure cutting 2 teeth right now (we can see ’em beginning to break through!). She’s actually done remarkably well so far (just a bit fussy yesterday), so we’re hoping that she continues to do okay through the process. I guess there is a lot of […]

BodyPUMP Release 88 Review

Hiii friends! Glad you all agree with me–being a mom can be tough! hah. Each day is different, but I must say, being a mama to baby Lily is one of the coolest, most wonderful things I have ever done. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world–I feel so lucky! It’s pretty neat […]

Yoga Stretch {Workouts on Demand}

Hiii! How are you all?! We are back in SLC after a few small delays and an almost huge hiccup, but we made it back just fine (and really late…..). Baby Lily did mostly great once again. I feel so blessed and thankful! It was crazy at all airports, so I am glad ours was […]

Without A Doggie Bag

Hey friends! What’s going on? I’ve been hanging out with this lady, and we’re having a blast together. She’s so adorable. I feel so lucky to be her mama! <3 K, so check out this article: 13 Things Mentally Strong People DON’T Do And here are 2 of them. So true! And I believe that […]

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