REM-Fit Active 200 & REM-Fit 300 Series Pillow

Recently through a FitFluential campaign, I had the opportunity to review the REM-Fit Active 200 (activity & sleep tracker) & the REM-Fit 300 Series Pillow. I had never heard of either, so let me share a bit about both. The REM-Fit Active 200: it’s a sleep & activity tracker that displays steps taken, calories burned, […]

Fitness during Pregnancy #2

I get asked questions often about my fitness routine & fitness habits during this pregnancy, so I thought I’d share a post addressing some questions. Please note that these are MY experiences from THIS pregnancy and all of my activities have been approved by my doctor. Everyone’s pregnancy & bodies are different, so be sure […]

Spotlight on Puma Pulse XT

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA. Spotlight on Puma Pulse XT I’m constantly on the lookout for shoes that perform well in the gym because I do most of my workouts there. Many shoes are great for the outdoors, but how many are fantastic for the indoors as well? As a […]

BODYPUMP Release 93 Review

It’s been a few weeks now that I’ve taught BODYPUMP™ Release 93 and I’m ready to share my thoughts about it! If you haven’t taken a Les Mills’ BODYPUMP™ class, what are you waiting for?!  But really, go find one, and then go! It changed my life, and it can change yours too. If you want […]

My Lorna Jane Holiday Fit List

As I was coming up for some ideas for my (very short) Christmas list for my husband, I realized that almost every thing on the list was something related to fitness or fitness clothing….. The secret is out! I don’t really buy real people clothes. I’ve bought, I think, 2 things this year that count […]

Weekend Highlights

Hi everyone! We had an awesome weekend, with a few snafus (but hello, life!), and feel ready to take on the week! Lily and I head out later today to StL, so keep us in your prayers, as I have no idea how a plane flight (or 2) with a one year old is going […]

FRS Two-10 Discovery Challenge (Giveaway!)

So Lily’s been napping pretty horribly lately (gahhh), and it totally bites, but thankfully I’ve not dropped the ball on everything, or else our laundry basket’s height would rival the Eiffel tower…. I can attribute my extra energy despite the frustration of my baby’s napping schedule, to my participation in the FRS Two-10 Discovery Challenge. […]

Thoughts & Pictures via My Phone

Hey everyone! Today we’ve got another post where I’m just going to dump thoughts & pictures from my phone on here. Enjoy the randomness. (linking up with Amanda for Thinking out Loud) Thoughts & Pictures via My Phone On Tuesdays I babysit another baby (she’s 8 months) and Lily and she have a blast together! I decided […]

What I’ve Been Eating Lately

Hey everyone! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything food related, so I thought it’d be fun to share some of the foods/meals/snacks/treats I’ve been eating lately. *note: As a mom and as a fitness instructor, I sometimes don’t eat full meals at once, but rather snack or eat smaller meals throughout the […]

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