Thursday Thoughts {4/21/16}

Yo, everybody, what is up?! Without social media, and having not blogged or read blogs for awhile, I seriously feel like I have been so out of the loop. I also have no idea what is going on in the news, no idea what the celebrities are doing, and no idea what you are all […]

Intentional April

Hey yo, how’s it going everyone? It’s a few days into April, and although I don’t do ‘goals’ for each month, I always have intentions and plans in my phone & head (hello check mark queen!), and I thought it’d be fun to check in and share. Intentional April social media For this month I […]

A Snowy Weekend of Family, Fitness, & Fun

Happy February! We had a lovely weekend of snow, family time, fitness, fun, a bit of work, and some relaxation. It really was a good one! It was a weekend with not much on the agenda, and I kind of like it that way. I feel like our weeks have been really packed lately and […]

New Year’s Weekend Highlights!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you’ve slid into the new year with a positive vibe & are excited about the possibilities ahead. New Year’s Weekend Highlights! We had a nice New Year’s eve just chillin’ at home in our pj’s with good food, fun chatting, & good memories. A few other things we’ve done […]

Friday Favorites {12/11/15}

Hola! It’s been a hot minute since I did a Friday Favorites post, and I’m excited to share what I’ve been loving! Please play along in the comments & let’s kick this weekend off right. {linking up with Katie & Heather} Friday Favorites {12/11/15} I made a delicious Enchilada Chili! I don’t have a recipe for it […]

Thanksgiving Weekend 2015 Highlights

Hey everyone, how was your weekend? We had quite the nice, long weekend thanks to Jared being off work from Wednesday evening on. Wahoo! On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with our fellow Americans at Jared’s sister’s house. It was really lovely to be with his entire family & my sis & her family! As I […]

Weekend Highlights {11/23/15}

Hey everyone, how was your weekend? Ours was really nice and a little cray cray too….but that’s expected with two kids under two and Jared being gone for a chunk of the weekend. 😉 {linking up with Katie & Erin} Friday I taught Zumba on Friday and then after lunch both girls decided they did […]

Friday Favorites {11/6/15}

Happy FriYAY! I’m sharing about a few things I’m loving; join in too in the comments! {linking up with Katie & Heather} Friday Favorites {11/6/15} That we finished painting the entire basement. This one gets a second mention because it makes me SO HAPPYYYYY! Every time I go down there now, I just feel so […]

A Perfect Fall Weekend

Hey everyone, happy Monday! We had quite the whirlwind of a weekend that included a lot of fun things, some errands & work, quality family time, and some rest & relaxation. It was really a nice weekend, and the weather was pretty great too, wahoo! Friday After teaching Zumba we headed to my sister’s home. […]

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