Easter 2016

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday! We had a lovely Easter and Easter weekend. It was so fabulous with my little family of four! weekend highlights: Zumba with my girls baking cookies with Lily temple date with Jared & friends swimming with Jared & the girls housework/projects dying eggs as a family (it was cray cray with […]

On Dating Your Spouse (& other weekend highlights)

On Dating Your Spouse (& other weekend highlights) The month of January and into February was cold, full of adventures & sleepless nights, and brought some challenges for Jared and myself. Whenever you throw kids into a marriage there is bound to be some shifting. There has to be, it’s only normal. But once the […]

Currently Survey {January, 2016}

I’m feeling chatty, so let’s talk in the form of a fun survey, eh? Currently Survey {January, 2016} {keep in mind I wrote this yesterday} Current book(s): The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard Morais. I just started it, but so far I’m enjoying the fun read. Current music: Ummmmm. Let it Go? Does that count? Lily is obsessed with […]

New Year’s Weekend Highlights!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you’ve slid into the new year with a positive vibe & are excited about the possibilities ahead. New Year’s Weekend Highlights! We had a nice New Year’s eve just chillin’ at home in our pj’s with good food, fun chatting, & good memories. A few other things we’ve done […]

Our 2015 Highlights

This year has been full of so many wonderful blessings & events in our family’s life. This was probably the biggest year of change for every single member of our little family, so it will definitely be a year to remember. We often joke that this is the year we did everything big! I loved […]

Another Festive Weekend

Hi ya’all! We enjoyed another festive weekend together as a family. There were some highs & some lows as there always are, so I’ll be sure to mention all of it. 😉 Another Festive Weekend I taught Zumba on Friday morning (check out a video of me & my class dancing), and then later in […]

Family Photos 2015

About a week and a half ago my sister-in-law (Jared’s sister) kindly took a few family photos for us. To say it was an easy feat before, during, or after, would be a huge lie. Family photos are fabulous because you get to capture moments in history, but let’s be honest here, they totally suck in […]

Painting the Basement & other Weekend Highlights

Hiiii! How was your weekend? Ours was really nice–a huge mixture of getting things done, some fun, and a tiny bit of relaxation & sleep. 😉 {linking up with Erin & Katie} Painting the Basement & other Weekend Highlights As you can probably tell from the title, this weekend was all about painting the basement! […]

A Perfect Fall Weekend

Hey everyone, happy Monday! We had quite the whirlwind of a weekend that included a lot of fun things, some errands & work, quality family time, and some rest & relaxation. It was really a nice weekend, and the weather was pretty great too, wahoo! Friday After teaching Zumba we headed to my sister’s home. […]

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