Eating Intuitively: Lessons Learned

Heyyyyyy friends! It is a short work week here in the U.S.A (and I’m taking Friday off), so for me, today is my Friday. I’m cool with that. 😉 We’ll be spending the rest of the week at the mountain house with Jared’s family, so it should be super fun! **** First off, the winners […]

Reduction in ‘Magazine Reading’

Hey, hey! How’s it going ya all?! This week has been great so far! I felt more awake on Tuesday–so luckily the daylight savings didn’t take too long to switch for me 😉 And sometimes, my poor early a.m. PUMPers, have to suffer through me having wayyyy too much energy that early in the morning. […]

Reader’s Request: Monthly Visitor FYI’s

Hey, hey! How’s it going mid-week? I am doing great! ******* Reader’s Request: Monthly Visitor FYI’s First of all, this post will definitely be about the monthly visitor (the period), so if you’re not interested or that is TMI to you (or you’re a guy), feel free to skip right on over & we’ll see […]

Health Nut? Or Not?

Hey, hey! First off, thanks for all being glad I am safe. It was reassuring to know you all were scared for me too! 😉 You guys are great–thanks for reading & commenting. I always read each & every comment, FYI <–even if I don’t get around to answering…… Yes, I am a slacker in […]

Friday Rambles

Hey, hey! Happy Friday! Today is our last full day up at the mountain house with my family, so I am sure there will be some fun activities going on. I am hoping to get a few hours of skiing in too! Friday Rambles 1. Did you know that I don’t fall asleep quickly if […]

It’s Okay to Get Uncomfortable

Hey guys! How’ve you been lately? I am doing really well (I feel so very blessed!), but man, last week and this week were/are crazy! I am excited for everything that has been & will be during it, but not gonna lie, I am looking forward to really getting into Sunday evening when a lot […]

Eat and Train For More Muscle

Hey friends! How are you all doing? Glad you all liked the Pinterested-themed Halloween dinner. I am peachy. p.s. Prayers to those on the east coast (and all over the world) who might be suffering from weather-related damages & inconveniences. ****** Yesterday was kind of exhausting, actually. Not going to lie there. And today, I […]

Why Being Judgmental Is Futile

Hey friends! How are you all doing mid-week? I am tired, but mostly happy! A couple of random thoughts: I had this for (part 1) breakfast yesterday. Blurry, already bitten (can you tell I am very patient?!), and awesome. {P28 bread + Swiss honey + TJ’s Sunflower butter!} So recently I’ve had some disappointments (just […]

Why Snacks Help

Hey friends! How is life going for ya all this week? {P.s. thanks for liking the table. I thought it looked good too. Wahoo for not failing in the ‘decorating’ dept!} Some of our Ikea furniture got built-thanks to my fabulous husband. I screwed in just 1 piece. Yep-1. I am really helpful and handy […]

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