Weekend Highlights

Heyyy everyone! The weekend came & went quite quickly, but it was enjoyed by the three of us. The weather was beautiful, so lots of walks were had, playing on the playground happened, and the door to our balcony was open most of the three days! Weekend Highlights (10/13/14) We had a low-key weekend at […]

Whey Berry Smoothie + Designer Whey Review

Hey friends! How are you all doing? I personally think it’s pretty fantastic that tomorrow is already Friday. I felt like this week flew by! It sure helps that I ninja-kicked my to-do lists (personal & work) this week. When I am busy/working hard, the time fliiiieeeess by! **** So I actually created a recipe. […]

BLEND Retreat 2013 Recap (Part 2)

Hey friends! How’s it going? I am doing peachy. Well, it’s time to finish recapping an amazing weekend. To catch ya all up who are new to the blog (welcome!), I attended the BLEND Retreat in Park City, UT this past weekend. It was such an amazing weekend. And thanks again to the 3 fabulous […]

Easter 2013 Recap

Hey friends! Happy new week & Monday! And April Fool’s Day! (p.s. I don’t love this day of jokes….because I always fall for them! And end up looking like a dork. oh well.) So I had a fantastic weekend. Most of it was amazing because it was Easter–and I love celebrating the true reason of […]

Being Slightly Spontaneous Rocked

Hey, hey! How are you all?! I feel like I haven’t ‘seen’ you in forevs. Anything exciting or new happen? Fill me in in the comments! For those of you who don’t know, I was away in Colorado for a few days & can I just say that it was just what I needed? (Other […]

I Love Love (Happy Valentine’s Day!) + Winner

Hey! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! <3 Yay!! I love today. V-Day is so fun to celebrate, in my opinion. I will be working (duh) and then teach a class tonight (BP & CXWORX), so after Jared and I will have a low key dinner, some dessert, & some quality couple time. Hopefully he’ll give me a […]

Getaway Break + Thoughts

Hey friends! How are you?! I had an incredible weekend. I needed that break for just a shortsecond. Here’s why I really needed the break: these past 2 weeks have been crazy at work, I subbed for friends (so extra teaching & thus extra tired), and we had a huge event at our church that […]

Five Things for a Friday

Hey, hey! Happy FRIDAY! First of all, I have a (fun) guest post on Janetha’s blog today! Check out some choice words I have about being a fitness instructor….. πŸ˜‰ {After you read it, come back here too–I’ve got some good pics! hehe} And now, for today, just some randomness I’d thought I’d share. Five […]

411 on Casein Protein Powder + Recipe

Hey friends! Happy last day of January in 2013! Kinda crazy, right? I’ve had a pretty good month overall, so that’s been nice. But of course there were crappy parts, so I am excited to let those be behind me. Annnnnnd yesterday we got even more snow. It’s pretty for sure!! (But I’m kind of […]

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