16 Weeks {Pregnancy Food Consumption Thoughts}

Hey friends! How’s it going? First of all, HAPPY 3rd Anniversary to me & my husband!! <3  I love love. And I absolutely love being married to Jared. That was the best decision I ever made-to marry him. And our wedding day, 3 years ago, was a day I will never, ever forget. Oh how […]

Friday Rambles (#2)

Hey, hey! It’s FRIDAY!!!! And today after work begins my spring break….. (p.s. thanks for all the FAB comments on yesterday’s post! you all are so wise) I always vowed that even after I was done with school, I would always take a spring break and some sort of summer break….well, people, I am doing […]

Adora Disks Review & Giveaway

Hey friends! How’s it going today? Some things I liked recently & thought might interest you: Check this out about Michael Phelps. That dude is awesome. (It breaks the huge feats he accomplished down by the numbers). Great post by Lindsay about her break up with overexercising (and you can win some FitMixer)! Everyday Blogging tools […]

Fats + Thankful Thursday

Isn’t there such a thing as Fats Thursday? Haha. Sort of kidding. Today’s topic: FATS {no not body fat} Fats Topic Despite what you might have heard, read, or seen, fats (solids) and oils (liquids) are essential for us to live {just like carbs!)The questions to be answered include which kinds of fats are best, […]

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