Pregnancy #2 : 31, 32, & 33 Weeks Update

It’s time for another pregnancy update, especially because I didn’t have time to post one last week. So three weeks of updates it is! Pregnancy #2: 31, 32, & 33 Weeks Update I’m about 34 weeks with Baby Perks #2 so it’s time to update on weeks 31, 32 & 33. She was about the size of a […]

Pregnancy #2 : 20 & 21 Weeks Update

It is time for another update on this pregnancy! Pregnancy #2: 20 & 21 Weeks Update {another selfie….I’m seriously striking out with getting good bump photos lately. Sorry!} I’m just over 21 weeks with Baby Perks #2 & she was about the size of a banana (wk 20), & is now somewhere around the size of a […]

Pregnancy #2 : 18 & 19 Weeks Update

It is time for another update on this pregnancy, wahoo! Pregnancy #2: 18 & 19 Weeks Update {this time around I’m lucky if I get a photo of any week in a semi-okay stance, yikes!} I’m just over 19 weeks with Baby Perks #2 & she was about the size of a bell pepper (wk 18), & is now […]

The Birthday Girl is 1!

The Birthday Girl is 1! Lily turns ONE today! Technically she is already 1 though, since she was born at 2:48 a.m. (after a freakishly long labor….we SO thought she’d have been born on the 26th). **just for fun, check out these older posts surrounding her announcement & birth: the announcement 41 weeks pregnant update introducing…. […]

Startin’ Her Young

We’ve done a few things lately with miss Lily that I must blog about! We are startin’ her young on working out, loving General Conference, adoring the outdoors, reading books, visiting cool places (like a fire station!), loving grandma & grandpa, making faces at the camera (that came from your genes, babe!), enjoying wearing medals […]

Baby: 11 Months Update

My baby turned 11 months old about a week ago…!! It is an exciting time of life & I absolutely love watching Lily grow, learn, & develop, so I won’t say I wish she were itty bitty again, but it’s tough to believe she is growing up right before my eyes. So cliche, and yet oh […]

Caption This!

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new week We had an AWESOME weekend, but I will have to catch you up on that another time. We got home too late last night and I needed to face plant into bed. It happens. So, instead, I am posting a picture from earlier in the weekend that baby […]

Baby: 8 Months Update

Hi everyone! Baby Lily turned 8 months old on Friday (how??!), so it’s time to update ya all on her. Life with her is just so sweet, I really love her so much! Baby: 8 Months Update I continue to really LOVE this age!! She is so so fun, and each day gets more & […]

Baby: 7 Months Update

Hey there everyone! How’s your week treating you? This week is the final week before a bunch of our summer plans kick off, so that’s pretty fun! Friday I will be at BLEND (yay!) and then Sunday family vacations start. I can’t wait!! And now, we go to the update! By the way, I’ve stopped […]

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