Lily: 15 Months Update

It’s been a hot minute since I did an update on Lily as I now do them in accordance with doctor’s visits, so here is her 15 month one! Can you believe she is 15 months? I sure cannot. But I absolutely love this stage. Lily: 15 Months Update Lily turned 15 months old last […]

The Birthday Girl is 1!

The Birthday Girl is 1! Lily turns ONE today! Technically she is already 1 though, since she was born at 2:48 a.m. (after a freakishly long labor….we SO thought she’d have been born on the 26th). **just for fun, check out these older posts surrounding her announcement & birth: the announcement 41 weeks pregnant update introducing…. […]

Startin’ Her Young

We’ve done a few things lately with miss Lily that I must blog about! We are startin’ her young on working out, loving General Conference, adoring the outdoors, reading books, visiting cool places (like a fire station!), loving grandma & grandpa, making faces at the camera (that came from your genes, babe!), enjoying wearing medals […]

Baby: 11 Months Update

My baby turned 11 months old about a week ago…!! It is an exciting time of life & I absolutely love watching Lily grow, learn, & develop, so I won’t say I wish she were itty bitty again, but it’s tough to believe she is growing up right before my eyes. So cliche, and yet oh […]

Weekend Highlights {Busy but Wonderful!}

Hey everyone! First off, thank you SO much for all your thoughts/comments on Friday’s post! I now have some awesome ideas of where to look for skinny jeans. Now to get my butt out the door and actually do it is the question…..p.s. I am most likely keeping the jacket too, wahoo! I’m now trying […]

Friday Confessions {27}

Hiiii everyone! It’s FRIDAY! And it’s a long weekend, so that’s doubly awesome! If you missed it: enter the Freshly Picked baby moccasins giveaway! A winner will be announced Monday. check out the tool I am sharing about to amp up your workout intensity! *** Friday Confessions {27} 1. Lily got stung by a wasp […]

That Time of the Month When I am Crazy…

Heyyyyy everyone! The weekend came & went quickly! It was a pretty good one. That Time of the Month When I am Crazy…. But just to be clear, there was a chunk of it that was not awesome. And I’m totally pulling the lady card and blaming it on the time of the month. Mostly […]

Baby: 9 Months Update

Hi! Baby Lily turned 9 months old just over a week ago (how does time go by so quickly??!), so it’s time to update ze ole’ blog so I can remember tiny little milestones in the future. Life with her just gets better & better. I can’t even put into words how fun she is to […]

Weekend Highlights {8/4}

Hiii everybody! Wow. How did that weekend go so fast?! Probably because it was a pretty good one. I like to highlight the highlights of the weekend, but the very obvious low light (haha) or downside of the weekend was when Lily decided she didn’t want to nap yesterday. Yikes. She’s resisted naps before, but […]

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