here are some LIFESTYLE posts for ya!

We GET to Choose <–your guide to happiness!

Whatever is, is Right

New Year, NEW You : Recaps and Resolutions

Keep the YEAR headed in the right direction : Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and discover that If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change

Give more Compliments!!

Why Being Judgemental is Futile

3 Ways to Reduce Stress Instantly

Overcoming A Fear

Anxiety Be Gone!

4 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

Relaxing Mechanisms

Some Wellness Blog Posts to Read:

Belly Fat How To Lose It

belly fat - wellness

Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Percent Of Body Fat <—and what that means for you!

The Weight Issue

Simple Swaps to Improve Your Health & Life

Causation And Correlation <–LEARN the difference so YOU can navigate your health better!

HOW to Embrace the Holiday Season <—enjoy it, instead of dread it!

The Health Halo  <—A TOP Post (And favorite among readers)!

Flying Health <—-a guide for your travels in airplanes

Use Essential Oils

Rest Days

Celebrate The Happy!

Drink Water

Head to Bed, Not for the Sugary Snacks

Be Kinder

Simply Weekendesque


Instead of negative fat talk, Give a Self Pep Talk

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Body

Comparing To Others <—the dangers of it, the science, and how to avoid doing it

Learn How To Boost Confidence

If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You….

How To Never Give Up

How to Get What You Want


Living In The Moment

Gratitude Brings….

Massage Benefits

3 Reasons We Get Migraines


Workout Motivation

Overcoming Excuses

Listen To Your Body

Relaxing IS Healthy

Just Breathe

Feeling Thankful

Keeping Influenza Away

Do What You Love!! <—-one of my favs!

Sleep Principles and Improving Sleep


My Health Heroes

Fall Week Exhaustion

Houseboat Vacay Delights (2012)

Being Slightly Spontaneous Rocked

My Oddities :)

My Healthy Skin Care Routine

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