Health And Wellness Coaching Syllabus Guide

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Health and Wellness Coaching Syllabus Guide


-All topics are personalized for each participant and his/her goals-

*The key to successful weight loss and weight maintenance is to develop daily eating habits that automatically promote good overall health. Successful weight-reduction happens when the person engages in daily exercise, eats a satisfying, balanced diet, and maintains a healthy overall attitude toward food. These habits are best developed and maintained with the aid of a certified, knowledgeable personal health coach, so as to benefit the recipient for years to come* 

Topics that could be discussed in personalized coaching sessions are the following:


-Learn all the jargon of gyms, fitness classes, and weight rooms

-Never be intimidated again with a class at a gym or online

-Get armed with the tools that can lead you to a fitter YOU

-How to target your trouble zones and get rid of the ‘extra’ will be explained:

-Love handles, outer thigh extras, belly fat, upper arm jiggle, & cellulite

-Personalized fitness goals fitted to meet individual needs


Mental Health

-Define your real motivations, desires, and goals with the help of a professional

-Realize what went wrong in the eating or exercise past, and get the guidance to change that now

-Integrate the mind, body, and spirit to help YOU reach your goals


-Learn how to intuitively eat when YOU are hungry

-Learn to listen to your body’s cues and needs

-Conquer going overboard at family and friends’ parties and events!

-Understand the science behind it all to fuel a new YOU



-Learn simple ways to reduce YOUR risk of diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and cancer

-Get the motivation, tools, workouts, and eating guidance to help you achieve better health


-Discover how to lower your cholesterol profile

-What is cholesterol? How does it differ from dietary cholesterol?

-What are the risks to having a high cholesterol profile?

-What is the latest research and how can it help YOU?


-Blood pressure

-What is hypertension? What are the dangers, risks, and signs/symptoms?

-What can YOU do to lower blood pressure—find out!


Weight Management

-Understanding the Volumetrics principle and what it can do for your body

-Pump up the sandwich and soup menus at your house

-Understand the physiological and psychological reasons behind eating and get the tools you need


-Get the proven tips and strategies on how to handle and END binge eating for good

-Personalized, constant motivation to stop the bingeing

-Support and guidance on how to stay aware of food

-Tricks and tips to avoid binge situations

-How best to eat so the body does not want a binge


Smoking Cessation

-Want to kick the habit for good?

-learn tricks, eats, and habits that help you get rid of the tobacco

-Learn all the latest research on why smoking will end your life early and what YOU can do about it


Stress Management

-Stress responses

-How to best handle stress YOUR way

-Simple tricks and distractions to de-stress

-What is the science and mechanisms behind stress? Find out!


Weight Loss

-Tips & guidance on how past diet & exercise history can work for you NOW

-Facts and research on WHY what you are doing by yourself is not working

-How ‘dieting’ FAILS to bring you health and wellness, and why they don’t (and won’t) work!


-Getting back into your pre-pregnancy clothes the tried and true, healthy way

-Easy at-home workouts

-Simple changes and switches

-Eating foods you love

-Learning to eat appropriate portions

-Eating at the right time for YOU



-Sugar cravings

-Why is sugar so toxic?

-Let Annette help YOU get over the crazy sugar cravings for good!

-What foods best fight hunger pains, greasy cravings, and stress

-Learn how to battle those pains the healthy way


-How to best increase healthy/lean protein in your diet

-Protein has been proven to be integral in any diet and can help YOU avoid sugar, stay full longer, and support your strong muscles

-Too much or too little protein is not healthy—so find out what works for YOU and your lifestyle


-Including more fruits and veggies in the diet

-Simple tricks to amp up the volume of colorful foods, after learning about all their benefits and nutrient profiles!

-Learn how to shop and find the best produce


-Why carbohydrates ARE good for you & how to include them

-When to eat carbohydrates for optimal use

-Which carbohydrates are optimal to eat for best health?

-Actually eating carbohydratess for optimal health-NO more deprivation!


-Learn what diet myths are out there

-And discover what the research shows as to why people gain weight back after stopping a low-carb diet


Kitchen and Cooking

-What items YOUR kitchen should have in it to support a beautiful & HOT you


-Fridge, Freezer


-Cooking utensils


-Eating on the run for a healthy, happy YOU

-Healthy snack ideas to grab and go

-Clean eating in a car, and never make a mess again!


-Eating out at restaurants

-The psychology, physiology of why we eat more when we are out

-Learn how to navigate buffets anywhere!

-Find out what kinds of meals can make or break your wallet and waistline

-Never be intimidated by a menu again as you learn to break down the ‘code’ words in menus



-Annette is here to help YOU incorporate exercise in a FUN and exhilarating way for YOU

-Be on the lookout for personal, online streaming workouts delivered to your computer….coming SOON!


Cardio and Weight Training

-Learn how to lift weights to get the body YOU want

-Benefits of weight training: both physical and psychological

-Women, forget the excuses of bulking up or gaining weight! YOU will get lean and fit.  Men, if wanted and done properly, will bulk up.


-Learn the latest research in weight training and find out how training can help YOU lose the weight for good

-Safety in weight training

-What is a barbell, dumbbell, stability ball, etc?

-Upper body workouts

-Circuit workouts

-Lower body workouts

-And despite what some say, weight training for the elderly can be learned!


– What is Zumba and why can it help you reach your goals?

-Zumba moves & Zumba dances to improve, tone, and shape your whole body

-Free classes, online classes, downloadable classes, and more SOON!

-Plus many more fitness classes to be found online SOON!



-Life can be busy, stressful, yet rewarding. Let it be a wonderful experience

-Annette can help you enjoy the small moments, get rid of the junk, and let loose

-Get rid of the busyness that takes over your life and enjoy the moments!


…..with EVEN MORE topics to be covered during the coaching sessions that include, but are not limited to:


-STICKING with a fitness routine that works for YOU

-How to incorporate physical activity daily

-Rest days, hitting a weight plateau, overload principle

-F.I.T.T. principle

-Relaxation for Wellness

-Fake sweeteners and colas

-Dark chocolate and antioxidants

-Personal training and nutrition counseling and advice

-Serving sizes, portion control & what YOU need to know

-Understanding the various fats (polyunsaturated, trans, etc.)

-Cancer/Chronic Disease


SO what are YOU waiting for? Get a FREE email consultation with Annette NOW and get started on your journey to the body YOU want.


If you just had a baby, indulged in a self-defeating binge, or are sick of wearing clothes that are too tight (or not fitting in them at all), NOW is the time to get rid of the excuses and get the professional expertise YOU need.


Annette, B.S., M.S., CWC, GXI, is here to help YOU reach your dreams and goals! Get rid of the ‘diet’ mentality, overeating, binges, & deprivation, for GOOD.


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