Food & nutrition can be a very touchy subject for many as the topic encompasses a variety of different aspects from preferences to heritage to religion to culture to lifestyle to medicinal purposes. A myriad of ways describes how nutrition plays a part in someone’s life!

Make Healthy Eating Easier This Year: Staples To Stock Your Pantry / Easy-To-Prep IN BULK Foods / How to Create a Healthy Meal/Snacks / The Secret to Meal Planning

We make hundreds of food decisions daily. Why? Where is the information coming from? Why did we choose to eat that for lunch? Think about it……it is truly a fascinating topic!

Macronutrients Posts



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Protein Fat Carbs in EVERY meal and snack to stay satisfied

Learn the TRUE Link Between Dietary Protein and Body Fat to help YOU shed body fat!



USDA & my: MYPlate Review AND Harvard’s Response to MyPlate : Healthy Eating Plate Review


My nutritional knowledge/experience stems from both studying it (I have a Minor in Nutritional Science) as a university student, to abusing it as I suffered from disordered eating, to now enjoying food as fuel-as part of a healthy lifestyle. I am definitely no crazy health nut, but I love enjoying whole foods with a sprinkling of treats mixed in. :)

As a side note, I am not a doctor or a dietician so my views on food and nutrition are based purely on education, experience, and personal opinions. I have a degree in it, but I do not wish to make decisions for you- I lay out the facts, information, clinical studies, and my experience, and YOU choose. You get to choose a healthy life for YOU! Also, I do NOT post everything I eat….not even close!

Mango Salad

Nutrition-In-Depth Posts

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super food: pomegranate

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Healthy Snacks

nutrition-healthy snacks

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Sports Nutrition/ Eating & Working Out Info

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Eat Before A Workout

Post Workout

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Drink Chocolate Milk After A Workout

Eats on Days I Teach Fitness Classes

My Prepare and Refuel Routine

For me I tend to eat 3 small/medium meals with 2-4 snacks per day as this fits my lifestyle, activity levels, and helps keep me fueled and energized. (See Why Snacks Help} I EAT my fuel so I can work it right. It’s in the food, my friends!

While several research studies show that this may be a healthier way to eat/live, I do not push anything I do on anyone. YOU choose if you like eating several meals or 3 meals. If you like to snack or not. My motto is not live to eat, it is Eat to LIVE. Food is meant to fuel the body and should be enjoyed–but not to excess.  However, life is meant to be enjoyed and a healthy life includes indulgences once in a while as well—- that is healthy livin’ my friends!

Quick and (mostly) healthy recipes are now found on my recipes page.

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