Want to have fun AND lose weight?

Then Zumba dances and Zumba workouts are for YOU!

I love teaching Zumba! And I love doing the Zumba dances, giving Zumba lessons, and enjoying the Zumba DVDs because they are great ways to get FIT while having FUN. You can have Zumba on DVD in your very own home, too! (affiliate link)

Burn tons of ‘Zumba calories’ where ever you are: in your living room, at a gym, or in a dance studio.


Zumba is a sweatastic Latin cardio dance workout that consists of a variety of dances ranging from Salsa to Reggaeton to Calypso. All Zumba dances are choreographed to music and are led by a Zumba instructor.

If you would love to do Zumba in the comfort of your own home, click HERE to get the DVD set, and start burning lots of Zumba calories!

Getting fit and having fun has never been easier. 😉

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{FYI: in my classes, I burn around 650-730 calories per hour}

Some of the reasons people love dancing Zumba dances are the following:

  1. the music is original, fun, and upbeat
  2. lots of ‘Zumba calories’ can be burned!
  3. the routines are original, spicy, and varied from class to class
  4. there are great Zumba clothes found at zumba.com
  5. Zumba classes allow for all kinds of booty shakin’, hip twisting, and cardio dancing!
  6. each class is constantly changing with brand-new choreography and Latin-infused music….so it NEVER gets boring!
  7. people lose weight dancing Zumba because it is so fun they forget it is a workout!

So Ditch the Workout and Join The Party : the Zumba PARTY!

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