Weight Train

If YOU want to look and feel good, weight training is a MUST.

Find out exactly why in these weight training posts: 

Why Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting Advice (Part 1)

Weight Training For Females (Part 2)

How Much to Lift ?

A Rule For More Muscle <—Why lifting heavy is KEY

Weight Train To Get FITTER

Isolation Works

Weight Train (Workouts to Try)

Mind Over Muscle

Overload Principle

Why Weight Train While Training for Long Distances

sparkly soul inc + BIC Bands

Weight Training Plan

Eat and Train for More Muscle

Losing Weight Weight Lifting

Lifting Motivation

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

The Exercise Myth

Strength is Required

Why Pull-Ups are Harder for Women

Eccentric & Concentric Contractions

Focus On Posts

Focus On: Squats

Focus On: Lunges

Focus On: Donkey Kicks

Focus On: Chest Press

Focus On: Chest Fly

Focus On: Pushups 

Focus On: Diamond Pushups

Focus On: Bent Over Dead Row

Focus On: DeadLift

Focus On: Lat Pulldown

Focus On: Clean and Press

Focus On: Triceps Extension

Focus On: Triceps Dips

Focus On: Triceps Press

Focus On: Biceps Curls

Focus On: Hammer Curls

Focus On: Bulgarian Split Squat

Focus On: Upright Row

Focus On: Overhead Press

Focus On: Push Press

Focus On: Reverse Fly

Focus On: Lateral Raise 

Focus On: Calf Raises

Focus On: The Plank

Focus On: V-Ups

Focus On: Spider Plank

Focus On: Russian Twist

Focus On: Burpees

Focus On: Squat Jumps

Focus On: Mountain Climbers

Focus On: Tuck Jumps

Focus On: Sumo Plyo Squats

Focus On: The Jack Pushup

Focus On: Static Stretching


*For more info on other lifting techniques, such as BodyPump, please visit my Les Mills page. Thanks!

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