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I am a certified Les Mills Instructor in:


I am also a certified Les Mills Coach in:

  • Les Mills GRIT series™

I love, love being a Les Mills instructor & coach, so I’ve written quite a bit about the programs. 😉 It is a passion of mine!

First off, being an instructor of any fitness class is its own beast, so here are a few posts I’ve written about that part of my life:

Fitness Instructor Info:

Things to Consider in Becoming a Fitness Instructor

So You Want to Be a Fitness Instructor

Bothersome Things Fitness Instructors Do

Tips for Increasing Confidence as a Fitness Instructor 

Reasons to Walk Out of a Group Fitness Class

Hilarious Happenings in Fitness Classes

My Fitness Instructor Journey <—how I became a fitness instructor!

Becoming a Les Mills’ Instructor <–the process, hows, and whys!

Practice Takes Work

Modifications I Made While Teaching Fitness Classes During Pregnancy

And below you will find a smattering of posts I’ve written about the Les Mills programs I am certified in—and hopefully you will share your love for Les Mills with me in the comments of the posts, or if you’ve never tried a class, you will find one in your area & ignite a passion for Les Mills’ programs too!

Les Mills’ Programs I Teach


BodyPUMP Explained

What Teaching BodyPUMP Has Taught Me

Why BodyPUMP Makes You Faster

BodyPUMP Weight Selection

Les Mills’ Mega Madness Event Recap (2014)

bodypump release 84 review

BodyPUMP AIM 1 Review

BodyPUMP AIM 2 Review

BodyPUMP -Release 77

BodyPUMP-Release 78 Review

BodyPUMP -Release 79 Review

BodyPUMP Release 80 Review

BodyPUMP Release 81 Review

BodyPUMP Release 82 Review

BodyPUMP Release 83 Review

BodyPUMP Release 84 Review

BodyPUMP Release 85 Review

BodyPUMP Release 86 Review

BodyPUMP Release 87 Review

BodyPUMP Release 88 Review

BodyPUMP Release 89 Review

BODYPUMP Release 90 Review

BODYPUMP Release 91 Review

BODYPUMP™ Release 92 Review

BODYPUMP™ Release 93 Review

BODYPUMP™ Release 94 Review


CXWORX Instructor Training Recap


CXWORX Release 10 Review

CXWORX Release 11 Review

CXWORX Release 12 Review

CXWORX Release 13 Review

CXWORX Release 14 Review

CXWORX Release 15 Review

CXWORX™ Release 16 Review

CXWORX™ Release 17 Review

CXWORX™ Release 18 Review

CXWORX™ Release 19 Review


Science Behind Les Mills’ GRIT Series / HIIT Training

science behind Les Mills GRIT series

GRIT Series Coach Training Recap

Failure Equals Success

Les Mills’ GRIT Strength 11 Review


Les Mills’ BODYATTACK Initial Training (Recap)

Feeling Overwhelmed with Gratitude (Les Mills’ BODYATTACK Edition)

I Passed! (BODYATTACK Certified)

BODYATTACK™ Release 87 Review

BODYATTACK™ Release 88 Review

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