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I am a fitness guru & professional : one who totally loves fitness, and I am also educated to help others do the same! A guru is known as a teacher and guide, a trusted counselor and adviser; a mentor. And as a professional, I definitely do have a passion for fitness and a knowledge base to share, but even more so, I enjoy interacting with each and every reader through the various blog posts I share.

I seriously LOVE sharing this passion (hence the website, duh!) :) Lucky you, you get to experience, read, and hopefully take away some of this passion that I share on this website and apply it to your own life. To a FITTER, stronger version of YOU, cheers!

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Some Not-So Obvious Benefits of Being Fit to get you EXCITED about getting and being fit!

This Can Be You : If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change

Still struggling? Here I Pin Down The Motivation and more Motivational Monday quotes to help you get FIT!

And don’t EVER give up: PUT The Work In

Weight Loss Help : 5 Reasons Why The Scale Isn’t Budging

WHY You Should Get Up Off The Couch: Sedentary vs. Physically Active

What Happens to Your Brain During Exercise <–guaranteed to make you get up & move!

5 Tips to Becoming a Morning Exerciser <–join me in the early hours! :)

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Foam Roller Magic <–what it can do for you

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Gym Vocabulary

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Skipping the Gym<-do body-weight workouts instead!

Intensity in Fitness Training

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Exercise Addiction <–know the signs!

Fitness, as defined by moi, is: good physical condition -especially as a result of proper nutrition and exercise. A state of being fit. A euphoric feeling. Well. Able to adapt.

I love to lift weights, and because it is so vital to our health and well-being, check out my Weight Train Page.


Fitness Instructor Info : {see more on the Les Mills Page about being a fitness instructor and the different formats I teach}

Cardio Party

How To Run A 5K

Speed Work

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Cardio



Walking Benefits

Walking Counts


Block Work

My Running Story

Long Distance Running

Races I’ve Done:

The Utah Half HalfIron Man Triathlon Race Recap

Half IronMan Completed!

fitness - half ironman

Recovery From a Half IronMan-info for your next race

If You Put Your Mind To It….

Fun Heart Facts <3

Zumba Posts found on the ZUMBA Page


Bikram Yoga


Calming Yoga <–my thoughts on what yoga does for me

Yoga Rounds Exercise Out


Workout Tunes

Fitness Tools

What Is The BodyBugg?

Gym Workout Essentials

We can each always increase in fitness. We can always try to eat more ‘proper’ nutritious foods, exercise our bodies in better ways, sleep more, stress less, use natural medicinal remedies, etc. To receive even more (and get fitter faster), check out my services page

At this website you will often see new postings for workouts, information on the latest fitness equipment, guides to get fitter (if that is your goal), and much more.

Please feel free to contact me at enjoyyourhealthylife {at} gmail {dot} com if you have any questions-I’m happy to help you achieve YOUR fitness goals, if you’re ready to change!

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