“Diets,” may have have KEPT you from the body you want…..

Following these fads could KEEP you from actually reaching your dream of fitting into your jeans, looking good for your spouse (and yourself!), and reducing your risk of diabetes, among other chronic diseases.

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So, what would it be like if you:

Were the size you wanted to be?

Arrow - Orange Never binge ate again?
Arrow - Orange Fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes?
Arrow - Orange Got rid of diabetes scares?
Arrow - Orange Said good-bye to emotional eating episodes?
Arrow - Orange Could run around with your kids instead of watching them from the bench?
Arrow - Orange Felt really good in a swimsuit?
There is advice everywhere, but how much is a book going to do for you?

How has that been working for you?

Think about how many diets have disappointed you, left you heavier and hungrier than before, and made your cravings go wild. Not to mention how unhealthy, miserable, and discouraged you felt…..

….NOW think about how amazing it would feel to slip into those skinny jeans without a fight. Or dancing with your spouse under the stars without feeling self-conscious. Or even simply loving your body and being grateful for your health and fitness.

Sound too good to be true? It is not! This can actually be YOUR reality.

A trained health and wellness coach wants to be by YOUR side, every step of the way, giving you tools to achieve great health.


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You don’t need another diet book or another manual that tells you what to do in the way they want you to do it. Lose the excuses and start NOW with the guidance, motivation, help, advice, and personal one-on-one coaching, the way YOU want it.

The body YOU want and the health you wish YOU had can be yours.

 Are YOU ready to feel and look amazing?

YOUR personal coach is one click away! Annette (B.S., M.S., CWC, GXI):

  • Has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Exercise Sciences, Fitness, Nutritional Science, & Health Promotion
  • Worked as a personal health coach for a nation-wide insurance company for over 2.5 years
  • Is a trainer, wellness coach and group fitness instructor
  • Has already helped a variety of clients reach their health dreams
  • Performed over 400 biometric analyses and fitness assessments in 2 years
  • Has written and lectured on healthy habits, fitness principles, and losing weight for public audiences
  • Was a top 20 marathon runner for her age group in 2008!

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Annette is READY to help YOU out of your uncontrollable eating binges, negative self talk, and health scares, and into a healthy, FIT, and well YOU. Get your FREE email consultation today!

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