Bootcamp Workout

Hey friends! Last night was definitely helpful but kinda hilarious….I went to a breastfeeding class. I didn’t make Jared go, so it was me by my lonesome. He totally supports me feeding our baby this way, but let’s be honest, he doesn’t need to attend a class on it. IMO. It went well, and yo, […]

Improve & Burn

Hey, hey! We got dumped on with snow yesterday. Kind of hard to tell since I was a little late to the picture taking party yesterday–and by then, a lot of it had already melted. But you still get the gist. It snowed a lot. Ice. Inversion. Rain. Snow. In UT, we’ve got it all, […]

Focus On: Sumo Plyo Squat

Heyyyyyy. It’s the weekend, oh yes. SO glad about that. Zumba was crazzzzzy yesterday. I love teaching that class on Fridays! Last night was fun–my friend brought over her baby, and I babysat while she & her hubs went on a date. Awwwww. I also scarfed a bag of popcorn all by myself–gosh I love […]

Burrrrrpee Workout + End of 2012 Reflections!

Hey friends! Happy LAST DAY OF 2012! P.s. since there were so many giveaways, the fitmixer Boot Camp winner is: #25- Emily! {I will contact the winner.} Congrats! I totally loved reading all your guys’ goals for the year–I am excited for each of you! Andddd exciting news! My little sis had her adorable little […]

Les Mills GRIT Series Training Recap

Hey friends! What an incredible, tough, intense weekend! Les Mills GRIT series is NO JOKE. And the 2-day training was, well, crazy TOUGH. During a part of the workout at one point, I thought to myself, “whoa, I am not as fit as I thought.” And not to sound all prideful or whatever, but if […]

Abs ‘N’ Sweat Circuit Workout

Hey guys! What’s going on?! Wow. Life is so busy right now. For some reason I thought that after the Half IronMan, things would slow down? I’m not complaining, just observing. But it’s all okay. I am all for living it up–even if it’s a LOT of living. Hah. We’re moving today and tomorrow (just […]

(The Utah Half) Half IronMan Triathlon Race Recap

Hey you guys! How are you doing? Thanks for all your kind words!!! Half Ironman COMPLETED, baby. And thank you for being patient while waiting for the recap– I wanted to get it allllll out, on paper-what exactly went down. I have lots to say, so sit back & be prepared to gasp, cry, laugh, […]

Focus On: V-Ups

Hey friends! How are you doing? I know Katie is off rocking her LONG run today, anyone else? Today I have woken up crazy early to get all my workouts in (I only have 2 Saturdays left before the big day –Half IronMan, and 1 of them-next week-has a wedding luncheon at 10:30. Ummm yah.) […]

BURNIN’ Total Body Weights Circuit

Happy WEEKEND to us all! I am in Colorado with my ladies (aka sisters/mom), having a total blast. Pictures/recap to come, I am sure. ****** In the meantime though, I promised you a post about my workout that I had on Tuesday. OH boy. I was sore in NEW places on Wednesday–which is a good […]

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