BodyPUMP Release 85 Review

Hey, hey! Thanks for all your “hope you feel better”s! Yesterday I felt loads better, so I am grateful for that. I think the secret is lots of sleep, water, and eating right before bed. ****** I love teaching fitness. Did ya know?! Hah. But of it all, I really love being a Les Mills […]

Eat and Train For More Muscle

Hey friends! How are you all doing? Glad you all liked the Pinterested-themed Halloween dinner. I am peachy. p.s. Prayers to those on the east coast (and all over the world) who might be suffering from weather-related damages & inconveniences. ****** Yesterday was kind of exhausting, actually. Not going to lie there. And today, I […]

Focus On: Push Press

Hey guys! Happy weekend We’re up at a cabin in the mountains once again, so I’ll be MIA on twitter/blogs/etc. It’s going to be a fun time hanging with my man! And yes, I am totally gonna get that sleep I promised I would this weekend. ****** But in the meantime, here’s a quick focus […]

Intensity In Fitness Training

Hey friends! How’re you doing today?? <–does anyone ever answer that question? Hah. I am doing well–it’s an early morning again for me Gotta get those endorphins while you can, ya know! ***** I get asked this question a LOT: I am not seeing results-WHY? It really comes down to several things, but a MAJOR […]

Recovery From A Half IronMan Triathlon–Info For Your Next Race

Hey you guys. How are ya? HAPPY FRIDAY! Go say CONGRATS to Ashley! Wahoo! ****** Pretty sure I’ve never been more excited about a 3-day weekend…I NEED rest! Ever since the Half IronMan triathlon last Saturday, I have been sleeping in as much as my schedule allows, yet still feel a bit tired. Can’t wait to […]

Eccentric & Concentric Contractions

Good MORNING! Yesterday I did a mini triathlon again: 1 hour spin class 1 mile run 1 mile swim I tried out my race outfit in the pool, and it worked great! Woot. {And then washed it with detergent in the sink. Classy. <–we don’t own a W/D yet, so we do laundry 1x/week at […]

Why Weight Train While Training For Long Distances

Hey friends! How are YOU?! If you haven’t yet, you still have time to ENTER the Adora Chocolate Disks Giveaway! <–chocolate & calcium combined? CHIPPED On another note, have you ever choked on a chip before? Yesterday while ‘ahem’ multi-tasking, I ate a scoopful of black beans on a tortilla chip while talking to […]

Lifting Motivation

Hey friends! It’s a holiday here in Utah today (Pioneer Day)–so I don’t teach BodyPUMP tonight (and no spin class this a.m.), but my company is not based in UT, so I am still working. Nonetheless, it’ll be kind of fun to ‘have a night off’ tonight. 😉 P.s. GO read this great post written […]

Focus On: Spider Plank

Hey friends. Happy weekend! First of all, my heart and prayers go out to those in Colorado. I am saddened by the horrible acts of violence that unfolded in the theatre in Aurora. Tragically we lost a blogger in that gun rampage, her name is Jessica, and here is a blog post by another blogger, Jane, […]

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