Be the Same Person in the Dark

There’s a topic that’s been on my mind lately, and I wanted to share! It’s fitting since it’s thinking out loud today too. 😉 {thanks for the fun link-up Amanda} The topic is about being the same person no matter where or with whom you find yourself. Be the Same Person in the Dark From […]

Balance Bar Project {Giveaway!}

You guys, I wanted to introduce you to a great new project with Balance Bar that is going on. And there is a giveaway at the end of this post-wahoo! First off, Balance Bar is a wonderful company I’ve had the opportunity to work with, and secondly, their bars are uber delicious! Lily and I eat one […]

Responsibility for Emotions

I’ve had a few thoughts on my heart and mind lately, so here they are! Responsibility for Emotions If there is anything I’ve learned from blog land or the internet universe, it’s that there are many people who tend to NOT take responsibility for their emotions. Confused? Let me begin with an example…. If you have […]

Food for Thought

Hi everyone! Yesterday was a really lovely day–it’s always so wonderful when it starts with me teaching a fitness class (or two), and then the rest of the day is with my favorite little one. I seriously couldn’t be more happy, balanced, and content with my life. I am thankful for the choices I’ve made […]

Weekend Highlights {Star Wars ‘n’ Cinnamon!}

Hiii everyone! How’s it going? Did you all have a nice weekend? Ours was really wonderful! If that’s not your thing, skip today, but make sure you COME BACK TOMORROW! I have a great post for you tomorrow, promise. **** Weekend Highlights {Star Wars ‘n’ Cinnamon!} We’re going to highlight the fun by using 6-word […]

Confidence, Gratitude, and Effortlessly Lean

Hiiii everyone! Yesterday was crazy. And I wanted to share a bunch of thoughts with you, but alas, sleep wins. Every time. 😉 But, I have been meaning to share some of these articles/posts, so here are a few things I’ve been reading around the internets. Enjoy! Confidence, Gratitude, Effortlessly Lean (and more)! 15 Things […]

Do 50% More Update + Giveaway {Musselman’s & Nike}

Hiiiii everyone! Happy FRIDAY to us!! I love the weekends because that is when we get extra time with Jared–and boy does baby L love him! She lights up every time he comes home around 530 p.m. As do I! Okay people, remember my do 50% more personal challenge I set in honor of Musselman’s […]

Weekend Highlights {Easter}

Hi friends!! Thank you for all your kind thoughts on yesterday’s post. It means a lot. We felt your love <3 We did have a lovely weekend–and I wanted to share about it because a few things happened that are exciting (!!) and I want that to be in the archives, so let’s get right […]

Brightening Someone’s Day

Hi everyone! Happy TAX day……glad those are done. ugh. :/ Anyways, how was your Monday? I know a bunch of you asked (thank you!)–so let me fill ya in on my first day as a SAHM: It was pretty darn good! I felt so much more relaxed. I had more time to just sit and […]

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