Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Hey friends! How’s it going mid-week? Real quick, I agree with a lot of you who mentioned this in your comments on yesterday’s post: to be a great fitness instructor, you MUST be passionate, friendly, and energetic. Amen. You can always become those things, but having those qualities will definitely ensure a great experience for […]

Weekend Recap + Gains Project with Special K (+ Giveaway)

Hey, hey! How are youuuuuu?! I feel like I have been ‘away’ for so long, especially because I haven’t been able to read many blogs or have been on social media that much lately. It is always nice to step away for a good amount of time, actually! I love blogging and all, & the […]

Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Body

Hey friends! How are you doing today?? I feel so much better because I got more sleep last night (yesterday-all day- I could just feel my hormones all out of whack b/c I couldn’t fall asleep on Monday night). I did, however, manage to have a killer weights session at the gym yesterday morning <–probably […]

The Link: Body Fat & Dietary Protein

Hey friends! HAPPY Monday! How was your weekend?? Mine ended up being pretty good (hello whole wheat pancakes!!)-despite being husbandless. SO glad he’s back now!! My mom/dad, sisters and I did have fun while he was gone….. I had some of this: {guess which one is mine….} {if you guessed the tallest -largest-one, you’re right […]

5 Reasons Why The Scale Isn’t Budging

Hi friends! Happy Thursday to you ALL Life is fabulous–it really is. I hope you feel the same–and if not, cheer up, there are always small blessings in each day. {source} **** So, I have many different types of readers –some are struggling with disordered eating, some want to lose weight, some want to run […]

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