Half IronMan Completed!

Good MORNING! I did it. I completed 70.3 miles! Half IronWOMAN, baby!! (And in under 7 hours!) There were amazing parts, super fun parts, parts where I thought I was going to die (no exaggeration there), and mind-blowing awesomeness parts. {I’m the one waving} But the BEST part of all?? I completed my 2 goals […]

“Speed Up” Treadmill Workout + Thankful Thursday

Hey friends! How are you doing? LOVE your fitness bucket lists!! SO cool to hear the things you’ve all got going on in your lives and what you’re most excited to try out. Sounds like lots of us are going to be doing Disney and D.C. races. 😉 So after teaching BodyPUMP last night, I […]

If You Put Your Mind To It

Good Morning! Happy Monday It was definitely a stellar weekend around here, that is for sure. The weather was gorgeous, we had a date night (walking around at shops, movie, dinner at home), {we saw Sherlock Holmes #2 -in a dollar theatre} and……I did something totally crazy on Saturday. Like TOTALLY crazy. Any guesses as […]

“Wake Up!” Treadmill Workout

Good Morning!! Happy mid-week, my friends. It’s been a good week so far….well, mostly good. But what I’ve realized is this : we can either choose to look at our challenges and difficulties as just that, OR we can choose to see them as beautiful gifts of growth from God (or whatever Deity you look […]

Long Distance Running

Good Morning How was your weekend? Mine was lovely. Lots of cleaning chores, errands, and relaxing. Oh, and I taught some BodyPUMP (wahoo!) and my boss wants to give me a class because of it (I guess I did well?! hah). SCORE. By the way, check out these awesome pics from our date night (and […]

Walk The Hills Treadmill Workout

Hey you guys! Good morning I arrived safely….and into the arms of my husband I went! So glad to be ‘home’ now 😉 By the way, it’s going to be a whirlwind of unpacking and getting settled around here, so if I am a tad absent from blogs/twitter/email for a few days, you know why! […]

Guest Post! Running: If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

Hey friends! Happy St. Patrick’s DAY!! So I am on the beautiful ski slopes in the mountains of Utah (I know, suuuccchhhh a bummer ;)) so while I am away today, Katie is here to share with you why YOU can run if SHE can run. It is inspiring–so enjoy! (And thank YOU, Katie!) If […]

Traditional HIIT Treadmill Run

Friends!! It is half way through the work week, and it is going fast! Lots to do…. {And if you missed it yesterday, check out my dance interview HERE} But, to stay on top of it all (and to stay sane, really), I MUST have my workouts. Working out just keeps me happy! I love […]

How To Run A 5K

Hey friends! Hope life is treating you awesomely! I hope today is better than yesterday….for some reason I was just not as happy as usual (work was somewhat tedious) and I was ready to end the day. I hate when that happens This pic from Nov 2011 made me happier though: However, there are always […]

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