Two Books I Read in 2015 that Changed My Life

Heyyyyy there. So life is just chugging along busily as a mother to two & a fitness instructor with some extra responsibilities this week! Our girls are finally sleeping better since returning home from our trip (their coughs + being back in their beds threw them off SO bad), and we’ve had some really fun times […]

Recently Read {IV}

I’ve blown through a few more books in the past 2 months, so you’ll find my thoughts on them below. I love reading these posts from other bloggers because I always find more books & authors I want to read; I hope you get a few ideas too! Recently Read {IV} The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton […]

Recently Read (III)

Hi everyone! It’s time for another installment of recently read. I was flying through books there for a bit, but now with life getting busier, we shall see. I do love writing these (& reading other people’s rec’s!) because I enjoy sharing books that take me to another place for a few hours. Reading is definitely […]

Recently Read (II)

Since being pregnant with baby #2, I’ve been a lazy bum while Lily naps. I literally lie around and be lazy, check instagram, talk to my sisters, and read. There are no house chores done, no folding laundry, no meals prepped. Nada. I’m not complaining, just observing. And as such, I’ve read a few books […]

Recently Read

Recently Read It’s no secret around here that I loooove to read, so I thought I’d share a few books I’ve recently read and my thoughts on the books (with no spoilers, of course!). I always get ideas of what to read next via blogs/social media, so hopefully this might help someone out in deciding what […]

Friday Favorites {1/9/15}

Hey everyone, happy Friday! Today I’m sharing things I’m loving lately, and am linking up with Heather & Katie. It’s always a fun time and a great positive beginning to the weekend. Join in the fun in the comments and tell me what you’re loving too! Friday Favorites {1/9/15} I am loving my new BODYATTACK […]

A Few {More} Book Reviews

Hiii everyone! First off, let me preface this and say “Can’t stop. Won’t stop.” Reading, that is. And as such, this blog post title is kinda lame. Oh well, it gets the info out there! And I must say, these books were all really wonderful! (previous book review post here) **** A Few {More} Book […]

A Couple of Book Reviews

Hi everyone! How’s it hanging? Happy Pioneer day! It’s a holiday here in UT (today, in 1847, was the day the pioneers crossed into the SLC valley & saw the desert that would become their home.) It’s a pretty sweet holiday since everything is off, so Jared is home with us and we’re going to […]

Summer Readin’ (And a BIRTHDAY!)

Hi everyone! Wasn’t yesterday’s post fun? It was so fun to read all the articles, think about them, write my thoughts, and then share them and hear your thoughts too! I love ‘talking’ about ideas, experiences, stories, and thoughts with everyone and anyone (I am a talker!! but can listen well too, IMO), so that […]

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