The First Week

Hey everyone, happy Monday, and happy last day of August! What the what?! {linking up w/Katie & Erin for MIMM & Snapshots} So it’s been just over a week since baby Lexi joined our family, and I thought it’d be fun to share an update on how it’s all gone down so far. Spoiler alert: motherhood […]

Lexi’s Birth Story {Part 2}

Hi everyone, happy Friday! I’m back today to share the rest of Lexi’s birth story. It’s epic, so enjoy the read! Be sure to read Lexi’s Birth Story Part 1 first if you missed it, though! Lexi’s Birth Story {Part 2} Saturday, August 22, 2015 {41 weeks 2 days} I had just climbed into the […]

Lexi’s Birth Story {Part 1}

Our darling princess, Lexi Joy, joined us on Saturday morning. We are totally in love with her! I think birth is just so incredible. It is truly magical to have the sweet baby who was kicking me from inside join us on the outside. And to witness a piece of heaven straight from there joining us […]

She is here!

On Saturday morning, August 22nd, at 3:58 a.m., our 2nd little princess joined our family!   *Lexi Joy Perkins* 7 lbs 14 oz. // 21.5 inches long   We love her so much! Lily loved meeting her at the hospital on Saturday, and yesterday afternoon we got to come home. We are now settling in at […]

Pregnancy #2 : 40 Weeks Update

It’s time for another pregnancy update……because I am STILL pregnant. Yes. Seriously. Sorry for all the pregnancy/motherhood posts this week by the way, it is what is though, because this is what’s happening in my life right now! Pregnancy #2 : 40 Weeks Update I’m 41 weeks with Baby Perks #2 so it’s time to update […]

Looking Ahead: Postpartum Plan

Hiii everyone! Still here & still pregnant. On that note, let’s talk about the postpartum time I’ll have (hopefully sooner rather than later, hah). Looking Ahead: Postpartum Plan Breastfeeding I will be breastfeeding baby girl #2 and I’m excited about it! I do have some worries however, in that I don’t want my milk supply […]

Pregnancy #2 : 38 & 39 Weeks Update

It’s time for another pregnancy update……I’m hoping this will be the last? Buuuuuut I’m not holding my breath (just being realistic here, haha). Pregnancy #2 : 38 & 39 Weeks Update I’m 40 weeks with Baby Perks #2 (it’s my due date today, actually) so it’s time to update on weeks 38 & 39. She was […]

PinkBlush Maternity Clothes {GIVEAWAY}

In case you didn’t know it yet, I’m super pregnant. 😉 And dressing this ever-changing & growing body has been challenging…..until I discovered PinkBlush maternity clothes a few months ago. Back in May I was shopping online for a dress to wear to my younger brother’s wedding, when I stumbled upon several options from PinkBlush. I […]

Pregnancy #2 : 36 & 37 Weeks Update

I had a prenatal appointment yesterday, so it’s time for another pregnancy update! (p.s. all updates on this pregnancy can be found here!) Pregnancy #2: 36 & 37 Weeks Update I’m 38 weeks with Baby Perks #2 so it’s time to update on weeks 36 & 37. She was about the size of a head of romaine lettuce (wk 36) and the […]

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