Baby Lexi: 4 Months Update

Our little baby girl just keeps growing! She’s such a sweet baby with the chillest, happiest personality. We’re so so happy to have her in our family! <3 Baby Lexi: 4 Months Update Baby Lexi ‘turned’ 4 months old right before Christmas. She is seriously such a doll and the last month or so has […]

Baby Lexi: 3 Months Update

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Baby Lexi: 3 Months Update Baby Lexi ‘turned’ 3 months old last week, which means she is no long considered “a newborn.” I might have cried when that happened. :/ The newborn stage is so precious & wonderful, but so hard & intense….so it was bittersweet to say goodbye to that […]

Baby Lexi: 1 Month / Postpartum: 1 Month

Hey everyone! First, here are a few weekend highlights: co-taught BODYPUMP 95 at a launch in the early morning taught Zumba (so fun to be back!) a nap while both girls were magically napping (!!!) picnic dinner & a hike in the mountains park time sleeping in both Saturday & Sunday (!!!) checking out the […]

Lexi’s Birth Story {Part 2}

Hi everyone, happy Friday! I’m back today to share the rest of Lexi’s birth story. It’s epic, so enjoy the read! Be sure to read Lexi’s Birth Story Part 1 first if you missed it, though! Lexi’s Birth Story {Part 2} Saturday, August 22, 2015 {41 weeks 2 days} I had just climbed into the […]

Lexi’s Birth Story {Part 1}

Our darling princess, Lexi Joy, joined us on Saturday morning. We are totally in love with her! I think birth is just so incredible. It is truly magical to have the sweet baby who was kicking me from inside join us on the outside. And to witness a piece of heaven straight from there joining us […]

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