Friday Favorites (10/17/14)

Hey everyone! Happy FRIDAY. I’ve got a few thoughts & pictures to share, so enjoy the random fun that is Friday Favorites! Thanks, Heather, for the link-up party. Friday Favorites (10/17/14) Today begins my 2-day BODYATTACK Initial Training sponsored by Les Mills! All day today & tomorrow I will be at the gym most likely […]

A Trail Race, Park City Fun, & Exciting News!

Oh hey there! I’m linking up with Becky’s Treat Yourself Tuesday because this weekend was quite a treat for this mama. Lily had a blast too, but this isn’t her blog. Sometimes you’d think it was, huh?! 😉 A Trail Race, Park City Fun, & Exciting News! A Trail Race Jared, myself, and Jared’s sister and […]

Tips for Greater Success in a Les Mills’ Class

As a group fitness instructor, I get to have a unique view of the participants & the goings on of a group fitness class. And as a Les Mills’ instructor more specifically, there are certain things I see and/or try to tell class members that I think will help them improve their experience in the […]

Friday Thoughts {8}

Hiii everybody! Happppppyyyy FRIDAY!!! Friday Thoughts {8} 1. Baby Lily had her 9-month well-check appointment yesterday. It went great! No shots (just a heel prick). She has great hemoglobin levels (so not iron deficient/anemic), she is now 16 lbs 14 oz (!!!), and 29 inches long—25% and 90% percentiles, respectively. I don’t really care much […]

BodyPUMP Release 90 Review

Hi everyone! Yesterday was so nice–baby Lily and I babysat our friend’s baby (and both babies did great), baby L and I went swimming with the monitor near while the baby slept, I checked off a bunch of items on my projects-around-the-apartment to-do list, I actually cooked dinner (!!), and then I met up with […]

How I Learn My Les Mills’ Choreography

Hi everyone! A quick message before we begin: Cute huh? ** So it’s no secret that I love pretty much anything Les Mills. I live it, breathe it, teach it, sleep it, eat it, etc. Okay, not really. But you get my drift. 😉 {I have a whole page dedicated to posts about LM too, […]

It was Hard to Get Up to Teach….

Hi everyone!! How’s it going in your neck of the woods? We are up with my family at the mountain house, and it’s a blast! Baby Lily is sleeping much better here, buuuuuuttt I think she’s just begun teething again (hello slobbery baby!), so we shall see how this goes… It Was Hard to Get […]

Friday Confessions {23}

Hiii everyone! A very happy FRIDAY to us!! Friday Confessions {23} 1. Today I go to BLEND! Up in Park City, starting today, BLEND Retreat begins! I am really excited to attend and meet new friends and finally meet a bunch of people I’ve been wanting to meet, and see some ‘old’ friends again too. […]

CXWORX Release 14 Review

Hiiii everyone! How’s it going? Did you have a nice Cinco de Mayo evening? We had Mexican food, chips & salsa, and lemonade. Mmmmm! *** It’s been about 3 weeks now far that I’ve been teaching this CX release, and I will say it: this is BY far my favorite CXWORX release (since I’ve been […]

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