3 Healthy Habits I’ve Adopted like a Boss

Hey yo, how’s the week treatin’ you so far? Ours has gone quite well! We have some fun things & guests on the horizon starting tomorrow, so the first half of our week has been a whole lot of fun, and now it’s time to do some errands today and cleaning. It is now March (what?!), […]

On Having ‘Followers’

On Having ‘Followers’ As a blogger & social media enthusiast (well, mostly Instagram enthusiast, hah), I obviously have a presence on the world wide web. When I first started blogging I wanted to be a ‘big’ blogger, mostly because I wanted to make some money, but also because I wanted people to like me. Yeah […]

Inspirational Quotes from my iPhone

So I have a ton of screen shots of awesome quotes saved on my phone, and I just wanted to share ’em. Hopefully one speaks to you today! Inspirational Quotes from my iPhone (follow me on Insta & check out all these great people I follow too! I find so many great inspirations from people […]

Healthy Habits I’m Failing At

Healthy Habits I’m Failing At Lately I’ve been noticing that there are some healthy habits I’m failing at. And I wanted to share! It might be weird to hear that I’m not doing so hot at a few healthy things because I’m a fitness blogger & health/wellness advocate, but I’m also human. I think it’s […]

Screen Shots {Life Lately}

Recently I’ve been taking some screen shots (and photos) of random things (quotes & the like), and I figure it’d be a peek into the goings on in our lives to post ’em. And who doesn’t love the trusty screen shot?! So I’m the type of person who always has something going on, something up […]

Weekend Highlights

Heyyy everyone! The weekend came & went quite quickly, but it was enjoyed by the three of us. The weather was beautiful, so lots of walks were had, playing on the playground happened, and the door to our balcony was open most of the three days! Weekend Highlights (10/13/14) We had a low-key weekend at […]

Reflections on the Month without Facebook

Hiii everyone! It is September (sad face), which means not only is summer ending (sad face again), my month without Facebook is up! I’ve actually yet to hop back on FB, so with that being said, here are a few of my reflections on the month without Facebook. Reflections on the Month without Facebook I felt happier and […]

Weekend Highlights {8/4}

Hiii everybody! Wow. How did that weekend go so fast?! Probably because it was a pretty good one. I like to highlight the highlights of the weekend, but the very obvious low light (haha) or downside of the weekend was when Lily decided she didn’t want to nap yesterday. Yikes. She’s resisted naps before, but […]

Giving Up a Bit of Social Media

Hi everyone! It is the final day of July, 2014. WOW. How did that happen? Giving Up a Bit of Social Media As I was contemplating the end of this month, I wanted to do something different for the final month of ‘true’ summer. To really live it out with a bang and have no […]

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