Thursday Thoughts

It’s time to share the randomness that is on my mind… of the best ways to get a sneak peek into my crazy life. Enjoy and then join in the fun in the comments! {linking up with Amanda} Thursday Thoughts 1. I know it’s September already, but I’m not ready for summer to leave. I […]

A to Z Survey

Hi everyone! So I saw this fun survey on Julie’s blog and thought I’d play along because I’m a total sucker for surveys. Do share some of your answers in the comments too! A to Z Survey A – Age: 30. B – Biggest Fear: Spiders & snakes  C – Current Time: 2:30 p.m. D […]

Friday Favorites {4/17/15}

Hi everyone, it’s Friday Favorites time! That part of the week where I share basically anything I want that makes me happy. 😉 Join in in the comments! {linking up with Katie & Heather} Friday Favorites {4/17/15} Watching Lily play, engage with others, & be adorable I am seriously loving this stage that Lily is […]

10 Things I’m Horrible At

So Courtney had the funnest post the other day, and I’m totally copying her today. Thanks, Courtney! I adore hearing things about people that helps me get to know them better, and what better way to do that here than to share things I’m really not great at? hah. I do tend to keep things pretty […]

Lemonade Talk

….since I don’t drink coffee and I adore lemonade, let’s have a Lemonade Talk, shall we?! We’ll pretend I’m telling you things & you can answer back in the comments. Let’s drink & chat! Lemonade Talk So I am apparently really picky when it comes to buying a house. Who knew?! haha. Actually, I knew […]

Friday Favorites {3/27/15}

Hi everyone, happy last Friday in MARCH 2015! I can’t believe this month is over. Wowzers. It means I’m one month closer to having baby #2, and have 1 month less time to find a house. Fun stuff, I tell you! Anyway, let’s get on to Friday Favorites, shall we?! {linking up with Heather & […]

Friday Favorites {3/13/15}

It’s time for sharing my Friday favorites of the week! I love doing this post because I basically share all kinds of randomness that makes me happy, and when I look back, I get to see that it truly is/was the small things that matter most. Play along in the comments too! Oh, and yep, […]

Currently {March, 2015}

Hi everyone, thanks for the well wishes! I am basically all better (but with a man voice thanks to the weekend’s head cold), so that’s great news! Currently {March, 2015} I’ve never done one of these currently survey things, so I thought it’d be fun to do one. Here we go! Current Book: What She Left […]

At My Apartment Survey

Hey everyone! A little while back Tina had posted a fun survey she’d seen in a magazine, and she answered the questions on her blog. It’s fun getting to know someone else, so I thought I’d share the survey here. Except we live in an apartment instead of a house. Play along in the comments! […]

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