Fabletics Yukon Dress, Cavities, HIIT & other Friday Favorites

Hi everyone, happy FRIYAY! Let’s chat about some faves of mine from the week, shall we? Add yours in the comments! {linking up with just Katie today; be sure to give Heather a virtual hug right now <3} Fabletics Yukon Dress, Cavities, HIIT & other Friday Favorites Fabletics Yukon Dress I have been wearing the Yukon dress […]

Friday Favorites {12/11/15}

Hola! It’s been a hot minute since I did a Friday Favorites post, and I’m excited to share what I’ve been loving! Please play along in the comments & let’s kick this weekend off right. {linking up with Katie & Heather} Friday Favorites {12/11/15} I made a delicious Enchilada Chili! I don’t have a recipe for it […]

Friday Favorites {10/2/15}

Hiiii! Happy FriYAY & happy October! How September is gone is seriously a mystery to me……which is weird because I was awake for most of that month. 😉 haha Let’s get right to chatting about the favorites of the week! {linking up with Katie & Heather} Friday Favorites {10/2/15} Fabletics September line I was sent […]

Friday Favorites {7/17/15}

Oh heyyyyyy Friday! It’s time to chat about all my favorites from the week. Please join in in the comments–it always makes me smile to hear what has made your week happy. {linking up with Katie & Heather} Friday Favorites {7/17/15} A new Fabletics outfit. I received an outfit this week that I immediately had […]

Friday Favorites {6/19/15}

Happy Friday!! Wow, what a week. Let’s chat about some favorites, and throw in a hilarious (well, now it’s funny) story for good measure too, shall we? {linking up with Katie & Heather!} Friday Favorites {6/19/15} The Fabletics Sol tank & Salar Crops Fabletics sent me their new Sol tank & Salar Crops and I’m […]

Friday Favorites {4/10/15}

It’s time for another round of Friday Favorites! The time of the week where I basically spill all about things I’m loving that week. Join in in the comments! {linking up with Katie & Heather} Friday Favorites {4/10/15} I’m riding a high of loving being a group fitness instructor! This week was just fantastic on […]

Thursday Thoughts

Hey everyone! Let’s just dive right into what random thoughts I’ve got floating around in my brain, mmmmkay? Thursday Thoughts Fabletics has done it again! I swear their clothes get comfier each month! If you haven’t tried Fabletics yet, you totally should. It’s only 25$ for your first outfit (a top AND a bottom!). {with […]

My Birthday…..GIVEAWAYS!! {CLOSED}

Hey everyone!! It’s my birthday today! HOLLER. I’m turning….. any guesses?? ??? 30. The big 3-0! Crazy, huh? I do not feel 30, so there’s that. My Birthday…..GIVEAWAYS! Anyway, in celebration of this crazy milestone, I’m hosting a few giveaways of products I love & use on a daily basis. Doesn’t the saying go, “it’s my […]

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